Starting a blog was something quite unexpected this week. Being the first week of Easter, in year 12 and having loads and loads of revision to do for AS exam blogging wasn’t on my priority list, however here I am.

This week has been pretty hectic so far for example I’ve been trying to cram in as much geography revision and notes as possible because I couldn’t really be bothered to do much geography revision this year as a whole, but I wouldn’t really say its my fault because AS geography has to be one of the most BORING subjects to take in year 12. Geography was my favourite subject throughout year 10 and 11 and you can’t imagine how happy I was to be carrying on the subject in year 12, however it seems like they’re just repeating the same sort or topics again. I especially went to WHSmith to buy a pack of 100 revision cards so I could make notes on all the topics we’ve done so far. After hours of note taking I’ve finished each module expect for one but the last one I believe I can do later of next week.

Like I said, this week has been pretty hectic, aside from the fact I started my period this morning, my mother had a car crash 2 days ago so know she has to buy a new car, but hopefully it’s better looking than the last car we had anyway and last longer;/

Thanks for reading my first blog, please comment, like and follow me for more of my content!

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