Charmed displays a variety of demons with different powers, physical features and abilities. Here are my favourite demons/villains based of scariness, awesomeness and overall impact in Charmed!

10) The Woogyman – The demon Grams struggled to defeat when the Charmed one was little was still lingering under the manor until Phoebe chanted a spell to get rid of it.

9) The Triad – The Triad sent many demons to try and kill the Charmed ones e.g. Belthazor. They are one of the highest ranked in the hierarchy of evil.

8) Gideon – Gideon earned the Charmed Ones trust especially when he helped convince the elders that Piper and Leo should be allowed to get married however, in season 7, Gideon sees Wyatt as a threat and does all that he could to kill him.

7) The Source – The source is definitely one of the scariest looking demons in Charmed as well as evil!

6) Christy Jenkins – Christy Jenkins was one of the most annoying villains in Charmed and she betrayed her own sister as well as trying to pretend she was on the Charmed ones side.

5) The Seer (Season 4) – The seer guided Cole back into evil as well as using her manipulative ways to get what she wanted!

4) Shax – Shax caused a lot of hurt and grief for the Charmed ones when he killed Prue and he definitely made the Sisters wonder even more if they wanted to carry on being witches

3) Zankou – Zankou’s way of trying to relate and connect with the Charmed ones personally is like non other. In season 7, with help from the Charmed ones he defeated the Avatars and tried to defeat the Charmed ones.

2) Cole Turner/Belthazor/The Source Of All Evil – Cole Turner has stuck around Charmed for a long time, trying to kill the Charmed ones, falling in love with Phoebe, becoming the source of all evil and trying to prove that he is good person. In the end, it was just not meant to be.

1) Barbas – Barbas is in my opinion the scariest demon in Charmed. He’s one of the demons that the Charmed ones just couldn’t stand because he always snuck back into the picture and took advantage of Leo and stole Wyatt’s powers. He wanted revenge!

Comment on who your favourite Charmed demons are below!

25 thoughts on “My top ten favourite Charmed demons/villains

  1. Yesss, Barbas is my favorite too! He was the only demon who truly scared me, which is befitting since he is the Demon of Fear and all lol. And Billy Drago’s performance as Barbas was amazing. Cole is my 2nd, only because I really disliked the arc where he became the Source. He became insufferable to watch for me. And Zankou is also my 3rd fave, because I love the actor so much and he was one of the most sophisticated demons. It was such a great contrast to all the demons before him whose plan of attacking the charmed ones was “LET’S SHIMMER IN. THROW FIREBALLS. AHHH WE’RE DEAD.”

    I see you and I have similar tastes! 🙂

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    1. Yep, we do have similar taste!Barbas was so scary and it was quite frustrating how he kept on coming back to get revenge but that’s why I love him! He’s one of those demons that you don’t want to ever see again🙈Season 4 was quite hard for me too watch because Cole becomes the source of all evil but I do love him! Zankou was a great character which made him so much more interesting than some other demons!

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      1. Barbus is my number one however I have a lot of love for chess players (Thinks 10/12 moves ahead) Intelligence, Cunning and Evil so for me number 2 is Zankou (Even the source himself was threatened by him) Cole was awesome too!

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