Music Monday: 11/04/16

Music Monday: 11/04/16

So I’ve decided, due to my love of music and how much I listen to it, every Monday  I’ll share songs that I believe you guys should listen to. I like to listen to different types of music e.g. hip hop, r&b, jazz, pop, rock, indie etc. My favourite genre of music is Hip-Hip and rap but I’m always open to new types of music and discovering new artists, whether it’s artists from today or the past. This weeks songs are:

Zayn – Like I Would:

 Zayn Malik is a former member of the English boy band, One Direction, but he split from the group to become a solo artist. Some may describe this song as ‘dancefloor-ready R&B jam’ or just ‘electro pop’, but  I think it’s a very catchy song that can easily get me dancing. The link is below:


Kasabian – Underdog:

Kasabian are an English rock band that started in 1997. Underdog is the third single in their album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum and pecked at #32 in the UK singles chart. Critics say that this was the only break out song from the group and their other singles are mediocre. I like the edginess of the song and how it can make someone feel like a rebel. The link to this song is below:

Kasabian – Underdog

Amy Winehouse – In My Bed:

Amy Winehouse is famous for mixing musical genres e.g. soul. She sadly died in 2011, leaving a legacy behind. ‘In My Bed’ is song from her debut studio album Frank (2003) and I really enjoy this song due to its soul/jazz influence and the soothing melody of the song. The link to this song is below.

Amy Winehouse – In My Bed

Comment on what you think of the songs I’ve chosen this week and if you have any suggestions of what songs to do for next week 🙂