Here’s a story about how my friends and I had an encounter with a psycho driver!

My friends and I were walking to school together, like we usually do,in our walking pairs. There’s usually six of us walking but today 2 of my friends were ill so there were only 4 of us and we were walking in two’s. Me and one of my friends were in front while the other two were trailing behind us. We got to a road crossing which is quite close to the junction of the road, then we looked carefully to make sure no cars were coming.

Thinking that no cars were about to come, we start to make our way across the road when suddenly out of NOWHERE a silver sports car drives round the bend of the road and the driver quickly slams on the breaks! I hesitated to carry on crossing due to fact that we are at the middle of the road at this point and the drivers entrance really scared all of us. Did she not see we had already start crossing? Did this woman actually want to kill us? The driver, who we now know is female, gives us the meanest death stare in history especially towards the friend that was walking beside me. I still don’t understand why she looked pissed at us, why was she driving at 60mph in a 30mph zone? Was it our fault we had already started crossing the road? I raised my hand to signal ‘sorry’ to the driver but I honestly didn’t believe it was our fault.

We carried on walking, while discussing what just happened, and just before we got to the next road we had to cross a car blocked the path. Wait a minute. I recognise the woman in the car. At first I thought, for some reason, it was one of my friends aunts but as I look again…guess who it was. Yep, the psycho driver. At this point all of my friends are freaking out, Did this woman drive round again to confront us? Doesn’t this woman have some place to go,because that would explain why she was speeding down the road!

She rolled down her car window and shouted “Don’t you guys have something to f****** say to me!” I was stunned! This woman that nearly ran us over, and wants us to apologise! My friend that was walking beside me, boldly said “We have nothing to say, we were already in the middle of the f****** road, you could have ran us over!” Now, I was too scared to say anything and so were my two friends walking behind us, so we just let them carry on with their argument. At some point the psycho driver called my friend a ‘fat cow’ and I’m like wtf? this woman is at least 40 years old, doesn’t she have better things to do with her time than harass school girls?

Their argument consisted of mainly swearing at each other and when she began to drive off to whatever she was in a hurry to do and we’re now crossing the road, you wouldn’t imagine what happened next… My friend stuck her middle finger out towards her car and she noticed it in her side view mirror and we can see her break lights come on!

Oh No, oh crap….

She started reversing!! I told you, this woman is trying to kill us and so we started SPRINTING for our lives to school, because we are only about 3 minutes away. The two friends I had mentioned that were trailing behind us, had overtaken us running in a hurry to escape being rammed by her car. We are literally running so fast that  we had overtaken many students that were in front of us. I’m not going to lie, we were laughing at the same time because we couldn’t imagine anything like this ever happening to us! When we reached our school, we were so scared we were going to see the same psycho after school that we told our teacher and wrote a statement explaining what happened and there was going to be a teacher outside the gates of our school on the look out! We told a couple of people what happened, they were in shock just like we were and we also found a witness to what happened. Since that day we haven’t seen our heard from the psycho driver, phew!

I hope you enjoyed this story and comment if you’ve had any experience with a psycho driver!


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