Back to school blues

Back to school blues

This week, I began the last term of school on Tuesday with a ton of work to do and study leave is only a couple of weeks away. I started the day on a high note, due to the fact that I did a lot of revision over the Easter break and I was pretty prepared for the 3 mock exams I had this week, so all was good. 

I had media studies period 1 and 2, which I happy with because I finished by print production and evaluation over Easter, so all I had to do was make some improvements in my work. We recieved feedback on our moving image production and print production, so I went on to make various improvements so I can get a better grade. By the end of the lesson, I’d finished nearly all of all things that I needed to improve on and as I clicked save… the computer crashed. That’s right, all the improvements I’d made was all gone! And to make it worse, on Wednesday I tried to open the file, but guess what… The file wouldn’t open, because the file is corrupted! So now I have to recreate my double spread article for media😡 why does this have to happen to me? 

I had one of my biology mock exams on Wednesday that went horribly because half the things I thought was going to come up in the mock didn’t.There was way to much maths and data analysis than actually biology in my opinion. After school, I had a 2 hour geography which didn’t go as bad as I predicted which kind of ended my day in a high note.

Today, I stayed after school for about 2 hours to redo my media article which I’ve luckily completed. Woohoooo! That means my media coursework can be handed in on time!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week and good luck if you have any exams. Comment on what you’ve been up to this week!