Today I had to wake up early to wash my hair and get my hair done. If you’re a black girl you’ll probably know the struggle when you visit a black hair salon. If not, then you’re lucky.

Going to get your hair done can be pain, because first you have to decide what style you want to get. There are a number  of different hair styles to choose from like cornrows, extension, weave etc. If you’re an indecisive person like me, you’ll probably struggle picking a hairstyle you want to get. 

2nd, you have to withstand the pain of getting your hair done which can vary depending on what style you’re getting, but oh lord if you’re getting small braids/cornrows then that will HURT! It feels like their pulling your hair follicles from your scalp! 

3rd, doing your hair can take so long. Depending on what hair style your getting it can last for 1-7 hours. In my experience, sitting down for up to 6 hours, with a few small breaks, is tiring.

My experience in the hair salon today was quite worth while because the woman that was doing my hair was friendly and we have discussions about Nigerian food, parties, school etc. But also my hair looked great when it was done!

Comment on your experience in a hair salon and comment on what you’re days been like☺️


8 thoughts on “The Hair Salon

  1. I’ve never really liked going to the salon, the vibe can be great – our equivalent of a barber shop, but actually getting my hair done can be a painful experience that I’m just not down for anymore lol – I wan a be able to have a full healthy head of hair in years to come. Don’t get me wrong some salons have trained hairdressers that actually care for your crown, but a majority don’t even care when you say it’s too tight –

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