Today, I’ve officially started study leave which means constant revision and I probably won’t leave my house for about 4 weeks because I’m going to be revising for my exams. I have 4 exams next week, psychology paper 1 on Monday, geography 1 on Tuesday, media studies on Thursday and geography 2 on Friday. This weekend is going to be intense! I’ve got to get at least 3 D grades to stay in sixth form which I confidently say I can achieve in the end of the day. I don’t really feel stressed out as some of my friends about the exams but I’ve really got to focus on studying the next few weeks so I can get good results. 

Good Luck! If you have any upcoming exams whether it’s GCSE, A Levels, university exams etc. and I hope you achieve the grades you want! Comment if you’ve got any exams coming up and how you’re going about your revision! Other than that I hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend! 

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