I’m so glad it’s Friday today because I’ve done 4 out of the 7 AS exams so far,which means I only have 3 exams left. My first exam was on Monday and it was psychology paper 1, which I believe was way easier than the specimen paper we were given in class, however I wasn’t expecting the two 12 markers because it kind of messed up my timing and I don’t  think wrote enough for each 12 marker .

On Tuesday I had my geography paper 1 exam, which I must admit I didn’t revise very much for because I really don’t like the subject and I wanted to focus more on revising more my other 3 subjects that I’m going to take next year. I really didn’t like geography throughout this year and you can find out why in my post My First Personal Post…. I revised as much as I could but right now I’m just hoping the grade boundaries are low!😂

I had my media studies exam yesterday and the questions were very similar to the ones I’ve done in class so I found the exam quite easy. Out of the two 32 markers we were given, I chose the one that was about consuming media in new technologies because I thought it was more straight forward and there was more to write about with this question than the other which was about media institutions. Last week, I was told that I got an A in my media coursework so I only have to get 61/80 in the exam to get an A in the subject overall.

Today, I had my geography skills exam paper that only lasted 1hr and it went better than I thought if I’m being honest. I’ve got 2 exams next week, psychology paper 2 on Monday and biology (breadth paper) on Thursday. Good luck if you have any exams coming up and tell me what you’ve been up to this week!

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