I’ve done 6 out I the 7 AS exams I have to do this year and my last exam is in two weeks! On Tuesday, I had my psychology paper 2 exam which was very similar to paper 1 in the fact that it was neither easy or very hard, but it went OK. Psychology is one of the subjects I want to do really well in because I want to study psychology in university and then become a forensic psychologist, which deals with prisoners and crimes. I thought the 12 marker in my paper 2 exam went much better than the two 12 markers I had to do for the paper 1 exam so I’m quite happy about that.

Yesterday, I had my biology breadth exam paper which is basically tick boxes and short answer questions for those who don’t do AS biology. I must say, it went better than I thought even though OCR (the exam board) tried to add in some weird questions. You’d probably think that an exam made up of tick boxes and short answer questions would be pretty easy but there are always questions that are about tiny details that no one would have thought to revise e.g. What is the length of a mitochondria? 0.2nm, 0.8nm, 1.2nm or 0.02nm. Like, who would have bothered to remember that? Also, I can’t believe I put 1.6 million as an answer to the length of DNA. After the exam, I was discussing answers with one of my friends and I told her I put 1.6 million for that question and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I think she got 0.7 or something. LOL. Overall, it wasn’t a bad exam and I’m glad that the exam is over because I usually do worse in my biology breadth exam paper. On the 7th June, I have my second biology paper which is long answer questions.

However, half term in next week so I’m planning on going over all the topics I’ve done for biology so I can get a better mark and hopefully that pushes my grade up overall. I’m also going to be taking a break from revision, since that’s all I’ve done these last few weeks, and catch up on my favourite TV shows and anime. I’m currently watching Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and I’m 30 episodes into Hunter x Hunter!

Tell me what you’ve been up to this week and how your exams have been going!

Omone 🙂

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