Music Monday: 27/06/16

Music Monday: 27/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Tom Odell – Another Love

Another Love is a folk single by the British singer, Tom  Odell and appeared in his EP, Songs From Another Love (2012) as well as featuring in The Vampire Diaries episode ‘Do you Remember the First Time?‘ This song peaked at no. 10 in the UKs singles chart but it also did well in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. The narrator in this song talks about how he wants to feel something with his partner but all he can do is shed tears for his ex. I really love this song and the meaning in it, so check it out below:

Tom Odell – Another Love

2) N.E.R.D – She Wants To Move

I never knew Pharrell Williams was in a hip-hop group called N*E*R*D until I heard this song. N.E.R.D stands for ‘No-one Ever Really Dies’ and was formed in 1999. She Wants To Move was written by Pharrell and Chad Hugo and it was released in March 2004. This song describes a girl who is a slave to the rhythm and Pharrell is infatuated with her. The music video of this song features the British singer and television personality, Alicia Dixon. Check out this great song below:

N.E.R.D – She Wants To Move

3) The Temper Trap – Fader

Fader was released in January 2010 by the Australian indie rock band, The Temper Trap. This is their third single from their album, Conditions (2009). The narrator in this song tries to talk over their problems in their relationship with his partner but their relationship is fading away. Even though they talk to each other, they don’t really listen to what each other is saying so therefore their words don’t sink in enough to be understood. Check out this awesome song below:

The Temper Trap – Fader

Tell me what you think about my song choices this week and what songs you’d like me to do next week☺️



Even though coming back to school for 5 weeks wasn’t the best thing that happened to me this week, it has been a pretty Exciting. In my last 2 lessons on Monday we started the UCAS process, which is where you send applications to university, and began to browse through universities that we wanted to go to. We were also given booklets about what type of university we want to go to which has to be completed by July 15th.

On Tuesday, my year went to a trip to a university convention in Bedfordshire University, which took us way too long to get there than I expected. Unsurprisingly, we were the only school who had to wear our sixth form uniforms while other schools came in their ordinary clothes because as our head teacher says “you are representing our school” *sigh*.There were talks on different subjects you could take at university and there was a fair where different universities had stands with their representatives. I got the chance to watch 3 talks by university professors which were criminology, psychology and forensic science, which were all interesting. I’ve made up the decision that I will defiantly be doing psychology at university beacuse I enjoyed the psychology talk with the professor and I genuinly liked the topics in the course. I was also lucky enough to pick up a few prospectuses from universities I might apply to e.g. Sussex, Surrey, Warwick, Queen Mary etc. These Universities have high entry requirements like all A’s or 2 A’s and a B grade but due to their popularity and great facilities, I can see why.

In the next few days, I made an effort to research universities and to note down opening days for universities I’m interested in. I used useful websites like UCAS, uni stats and university league tables to narrow down my search due to few factors like student satisfaction, entry requirements, distance and accommodation. My friend told me today how important it was to visit universities before you totally decide which one’s you’re going to apply for beacuse different universities give off different vibes. I have had my eye on these 6 universities in particular: Surrey, Nottingham, Loughborough, Leeds, Exeter and Southampton but ultimately I need to choose 5 to apply to. I’m excited but nervous at the same time because this time next year I would have left sixth form and picked which university I wanted to go to. Time really does go quickly…

Please tell me what you’ve been up to this week and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Omone 🙂

Music Monday: 20/06/16

Music Monday: 20/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Shakira – She Wolf

She Wolf is a mixture of EDM, disco and synth-pop, recorded by the Colombian singer and songwriter, Shakira. This song was released on my birthday, 10th July, in 2009. Commercially, this song did well because it was in the top 10 charts in countries like Spain, Canada, Germany and the UK. I love the sensual nature of this song and furthermore, in the LGBT+ community She Wolf is considered as a gay anthem because of liberation, as people identify with themselves coming out of the closet and being free, like the lyrics “There’s a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe“. Check out this amazing song below:

Shakira – She Wolf

2) Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

Birdy released this song on New Year’s and its her third track on her third studio album, Beautiful Lies (2016). The music video of this song starts with Birdy lying down on a bed and the camera slowly enters her mind where, there are a number of demons and angels. The lyrics of this track portray a girl who will be with her partner on his quest to happiness and even through dark times. This is one of my favourite songs from Birdy and this indie pop tune is so good, so check it out below:

Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

3) The Wanted – I Found You

The British-Irish Boy band, The Wanted, released this single in November 2012 and it became the second single in their debut studio album, Word Of Mouth (2013). The music video was filmed in LA  and features the Storm model, Chloe Lloyd and centres around the fact that the narrator found her when he was about to give up. The Wanted are a great band but the band took a hiatus in 2014 to pursue their solo careers however, the band said that they will work together again in the future. Please check out this cool song below:

The Wanted – I Found You

I hope you like my song choices this week and comment which one is your favourite! 🙂


My Much-Needed Break

My Much-Needed Break

Technically, I’ve been relaxing for just over a week because my exams have ended however, I have to go back to school this Monday 😢. I’m so happy that I had a week off before returning to school because I don’t have to worry about studying, homework, essays, UCAS or anything. Most people say that doing A-levels was the worst time of their lives due to stress and the humongous workload you’re given and sadly I’d have to agree. You might think that doing only 4 subjects would make it easier to cope with however, there is so much work and lots of content you need to know for the exams/coursework and especially for subjects that have a lot of essay writing e.g. psychology and biology. Most of my friends are having a hard time keeping up with all the work in sixth form and they even say they hate sixth form. One of the reasons a lot of people in my year hate sixth form besides the stress is the fact that some teachers still treat us like 12 year olds but I’m not going to lie because most of the boys in my year are extremely immature so the teachers have to treat them like children. Most of them joke about not getting the grades to move on to sixth form next year, because you need to get 3 D grades to move onto year 13, and lets just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t get the grades to stay in sixth form.

I, however, have been trying my best to keep my head above the waters so I don’t drown myself in the stress of all the work we’ve had to endure this whole academic year. I think it’s pointless that we have to come back to school for the last 5 weeks to start our A2 course and our university application process, why couldn’t they just let summer begin now? I must say though, this week is getting even better because my brother is on a school trip to France so I don’t have to deal with his annoying habits until Monday, which is when he returns. My family and I are moving to another house in about 4 weeks so lately my mother has been doing some small packing so we don’t have to rush when the time gets closer. I’m just going to carry on doing what I love to do in my spare which is basically listening to music, watching films, TV shows and anime until I resume school.

I hope you guys have been having a fantastic week and please comment and tell me what you’ve been up to this week!

Omone 🙂

Music Monday: 13/06/16

Music Monday: 13/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)

Don’t Let Go (Love) was realised in 1996 by the American R&B group, En Vogue. This song appeared on the soundtrack to the amazing movie “Set It Off” (1996) as well as the groups third album, EV3. Don’t Let Go became the biggest single the group had ever released internationally and it reached the top ten in a number of countries. This track sold 1.3 million copies in the US and it’s the last single where the former band member, Dawn Robinson, sang the lead vocals. I love the emotive nature of this song but also the amazing vocals of the group, so check out this song:

En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)

2) Nelly Furtado Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)

Big Hoops is an R&B track released in April 2012 by the Canadian singer, Nelly Furtado. This song is the fifth single on her album, The Spirit Indestructible (2012). This track was influenced by Furtado’s teenage years and her love for hip-hop and R&B in the 90s. When Nelly Furtado was talking about this song, she says “I’m channelling my 14-year-old self because I used to put on these big hoop earrings and big jeans and backpack and go down and hang out in front of the mall and wait for my friends.” Big Hoops received mixed reviews from critics but I really love this song and I particularly enjoy the hooks. Check out this song:

Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)

3) Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

This is one of my favourite tracks by Ed Sheeran and I also like the music video of this song, which is in black and white and features an actor who is rapping the song in sign language instead of saying it with his mouth. This song was released in August 2011 and it is the second single in his first studio album, (2011). You Need Me is a message to people who were hating on him, he describes himself as ‘real’ and says that he doesn’t need their approval because he knows that people need his music. Check out this great song:

Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You


No More Exams…Until Next Year!

No More Exams…Until Next Year!

Yes! I’ve officially finished all my exams for this year. I had my last exam for this academic year on Tuesday, which was the biology depth paper (long answer questions) and I must say, the exam paper was sort of weird. I was expecting more content of biology instead of analysing experiments and solving maths questions. I felt like there wasn’t much actual biology from the textbooks and there was more tables and graphs. Due to the fact that students don’t do coursework any more in class, I can understand why they’d add more practical experiments onto the paper however, I don’t believe that these type of questions really test your knowledge in biology. There were lots of topics that we’ve learned that were missed out on the exam paper just to put a whole page of the method and results of some student carrying out an experiment.

Overall, the exam wasn’t bad at all but there was one question that I couldn’t really get my head around until the end of the exam. The question was looking for chi-squared and I honestly had no clue what that was. There was a table with the chi squared equation that I couldn’t figure out until I went back to the question in the end of the exam. I figured out the answer to that question but there was a second table that shows if there was/wasn’t a significant difference. At that point I literally had to guess if there was or wasn’t a significant difference because I didn’t know what that table was actually showing!

Since my last exam, I have just been chilling out since have one week left until I have to go back to school. Right now, I’m just praying that I get excellent grades and that I get the minimum grades I need to get into year 13. It feels amazing not to have to worry about exams and if I’ve done enough revision. I’ve been spending my week watch TV shows, listening to music, writing etc. When I get back to school our A2 course will begin which counts to our exam next year and we will start the UCAS process for university e.g. writing a personal statement. I hope you guys have been having a good week and have a great weekend!


My Top Ten Favourite Songs By The Smiths

My Top Ten Favourite Songs By The Smiths

The Smiths are my favourite band and consisted of the lead singer, Morrissey, the guitarist, Johnny Marr, the bassist, Andy Rourke and the drummer, Mike Joyce. The combination of Morrissey’s unique vocals and Johnny Marr’s great song writing made them one of the greatest alternative rock bands in history. Here are my top ten favourite The Smiths songs:

10) Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Know


This song was released in May 1984 and reached no.10 in the UK’s Singles Chart in June 1984. This song appears in the album Hatful of Hollow (1984). Marr wrote this song in an 1hr in New York and then he wrote the B-side of the song called Girl Afraid.

9) That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore


This is the fifth track on The Smiths album Meat is Murder and it was composed by the vocalist, Morrissey and the guitarist, Johnny Marr. Marr’s guitar rhythm leads to a saddening vibe in the song as well as the depressing lyrics sang by Morrissey.

8) Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before


This song was released in 1987 and appeared on their album, Strangeways, Here We Come. The music video features the iconic Salford Lads Club and the guys cycling around the Manchester. This song was eventually included in the compilation album Stop Me and The Very Best Of The Smiths.

7) What Difference Does It Make?


What Difference Does It Make? appeared of The Smiths self-titled album, The Smiths  in 1984. This song peaked in the UK’s singles chart at no.12 and it’s often recognised by the opening riff by Johnny Marr and the incredible falsetto by Morrissey at the end of the song.

6) The Boy With The Thorn In His Side


This song was released as single months before it appeared on their third album The Queen is Dead and the single peaked at no.23 on the UK’s Singles Chart in 1985. The Smiths performed this song on The Top Of The Pops as well as making a promotional video for this track.

5) Asleep


I first heard this track while watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and I instantly loved it. This song features on the compilation album, The World Won’t Listen and Louder Than Bombs. This is one of the band bleakest songs which features mostly a piano.

4) This Charming Man


This is one of The Smiths’ most known songs, which is due to Johnny Marr’s unique guitar riff and Morrissey’s lyrics which centre around sexual attraction and lust. They released this as a single in October 1983 and it did moderately well in the charts, peaking at no.25, however when the song was re-issued in 1992 it reached no.8 on the UK’s singles chart.

3) Bigmouth Strikes Again

hi_1986_bigmouth7_1 (1)

Bigmouth Strikes Again was the lead single on their third album The Queen Is Dead and it was the closing single on The Smiths’ only live album, Rank. This song was released in 1986 by the label Rough Load and peaked at no.26 on the UK’s singles chart. The song is about the frustration of the narrator because even though he’s said some nasty things…he was only joking.

2) How Soon Is Now?

maxresdefault (3)

This song was written by Morrissey and Johnny Marr and he called this song “possibly our most enduring song. It’s the people’s favourite, I think”. How Soon Is Now? is about a person who wants to get over his shyness so he can be in a relationship with someone. A cover of the song by Love Spit Love was used as the theme song to the show Charmed. This was one of the most difficult songs to produce and perform live for The Smiths.

1) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


This is the ninth song in The Smiths’ album The Queen Is Dead but it was only released as a single in France. This song received critical acclaim and it is definitely known as one of The Smiths’ best songs, being covered by numerous artists including Noel Gallagher, The Lucksmiths and William Francis. The 80’s were full of love songs, especially dark ones like this, where the narrator feels so happy with being with his partner that even though they might die, it would be the best way that he could ever die.

Music Monday: 06/06/16

Music Monday: 06/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Michael Jackson – Give In To me

Give In To Me is a song by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This is the tenth single on his studio album, Dangerous (1991) and it features the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash. This song is classed as a hard rock ballad/heavy metal ballad and it has a slow tempo of only 87 beats per minute. Give In To Me did well, chart wise, in New Zealand because it topped the New Zealand Singles Chart for four weeks consecutively but also, it peaked at no.2 on the UK’s Singles Chart. Personally, I think this is one of Michael’s most underrated tracks, so please check it out:

Michael Jackson – Give In To Me 

2) Marlon Roudette – When The Beat Drops Out

When The Beat Drops Out is an R&B single by the British/Vincentian musician, Marlon Roudette. This song appears on his second studio album, Electric Soul, which was released in August 2014. In Germany and Czech Republic, this song peaked at no.1  and in Austria and Switzerland, it peaked at no.2 on their singles charts.This song was released under the label of Universal Music. The narrator of this song has laid his eyes on a beautiful girl and he wonders if they will be together after the music stops. The narrator seems to be in a place that’s playing good music e.g. a concert. Check out this great song below:

Marlon Roudette – When The Beat Drops Out

3) Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love is a pop single by the famous English indie rock band, Florence and the Machine, released in July 2010 in the UK. The lead singer, Florence Welch, describes Cosmic Love as being “The most hungover I’ve ever been writing a song” and she wrote the whole song in 10 minutes. This song was released as the seventh single in their debut studio album, Lungs (2009) and this track received positive reviews and even some critics called it the best single on the album. However, Cosmic Love is the bands second least successful single in the UK Singles Chart, reaching no.51. Please check out this beautiful song below:

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love

5 Days Of Fasting

5 Days Of Fasting

Fasting is defined as ‘abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance’. This week I’ve been fasting everyday until 3pm and praying because my Church is going to a programme on Sunday where Pastor Chris (the president of our whole ministry) will be preaching and doing communion. This is my first time fasting more than two days in a row and I found it easier than I expected. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought fasting would be REALLY exhausting and you’d be on the verge of death by the end of the day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it can be hard because you’re tempted to eat or drink something however, it gets easier as you keep on doing it. It’s very important to pray when fasting, ideally every 2 hours, because if you don’t you’re basically on a hunger strike.

During this week I have done a lot of studying for my last biology exam which is on Tuesday and I’ve been catching up on TV shows e.g. Hunter x Hunter. If you haven’t watched that anime then I highly recommend that you do because it’s awesome, shoutout to Canary. If you watch Hunter x Hunter you’ll understand 😉 I can’t wait for my last exam to be over because we’ve been put on a lot of pressure from the teachers to do well in our A-levels. This is mainly because we had the greatest GCSE results in year 11 ever in our school and they expect the same for our AS exams. Also, the fact that most subjects have their exams all at the end Year 13 puts more stress on us to do even better next year.

This week I got the amazing opportunity to put my content on My Trending Stories so please check out my articles on the website and check out other awesome bloggers!

Omone 🙂