Yes! I’ve officially finished all my exams for this year. I had my last exam for this academic year on Tuesday, which was the biology depth paper (long answer questions) and I must say, the exam paper was sort of weird. I was expecting more content of biology instead of analysing experiments and solving maths questions. I felt like there wasn’t much actual biology from the textbooks and there was more tables and graphs. Due to the fact that students don’t do coursework any more in class, I can understand why they’d add more practical experiments onto the paper however, I don’t believe that these type of questions really test your knowledge in biology. There were lots of topics that we’ve learned that were missed out on the exam paper just to put a whole page of the method and results of some student carrying out an experiment.

Overall, the exam wasn’t bad at all but there was one question that I couldn’t really get my head around until the end of the exam. The question was looking for chi-squared and I honestly had no clue what that was. There was a table with the chi squared equation that I couldn’t figure out until I went back to the question in the end of the exam. I figured out the answer to that question but there was a second table that shows if there was/wasn’t a significant difference. At that point I literally had to guess if there was or wasn’t a significant difference because I didn’t know what that table was actually showing!

Since my last exam, I have just been chilling out since have one week left until I have to go back to school. Right now, I’m just praying that I get excellent grades and that I get the minimum grades I need to get into year 13. It feels amazing not to have to worry about exams and if I’ve done enough revision. I’ve been spending my week watch TV shows, listening to music, writing etc. When I get back to school our A2 course will begin which counts to our exam next year and we will start the UCAS process for university e.g. writing a personal statement. I hope you guys have been having a good week and have a great weekend!


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