Music Monday: 27/06/16

Music Monday: 27/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Tom Odell – Another Love

Another Love is a folk single by the British singer, Tom  Odell and appeared in his EP, Songs From Another Love (2012) as well as featuring in The Vampire Diaries episode ‘Do you Remember the First Time?‘ This song peaked at no. 10 in the UKs singles chart but it also did well in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. The narrator in this song talks about how he wants to feel something with his partner but all he can do is shed tears for his ex. I really love this song and the meaning in it, so check it out below:

Tom Odell – Another Love

2) N.E.R.D – She Wants To Move

I never knew Pharrell Williams was in a hip-hop group called N*E*R*D until I heard this song. N.E.R.D stands for ‘No-one Ever Really Dies’ and was formed in 1999. She Wants To Move was written by Pharrell and Chad Hugo and it was released in March 2004. This song describes a girl who is a slave to the rhythm and Pharrell is infatuated with her. The music video of this song features the British singer and television personality, Alicia Dixon. Check out this great song below:

N.E.R.D – She Wants To Move

3) The Temper Trap – Fader

Fader was released in January 2010 by the Australian indie rock band, The Temper Trap. This is their third single from their album, Conditions (2009). The narrator in this song tries to talk over their problems in their relationship with his partner but their relationship is fading away. Even though they talk to each other, they don’t really listen to what each other is saying so therefore their words don’t sink in enough to be understood. Check out this awesome song below:

The Temper Trap – Fader

Tell me what you think about my song choices this week and what songs you’d like me to do next week☺️