I am so excited right now because it’s my birthday of Sunday and I’ll be turning 17!☺️🎉🎈 Although it might not be a great time to celebrate my 17th birthday because my family are currently preparing to move out of our current flat. It was quite a surprise when I found out we were moving out 3 weeks ago even though I knew my mum didn’t like how small our home was and the way things always broke e.g.the taps. Last year we were moving from our old house to the place we’re still currently in and we’ve only been in our current home for around 10 months, so not even year. I’ve moved houses several times throughout secondary school but this this the first time I’ve lived at a place for under a year. The main reason why my mum decides to move is due to the cost of houses especially when you live in an affluent area like the town I live in.

It’s hard when you’re a single mother, who has to provide for 2 kids especially when you live in a pretty posh town. We would have moved to Manchester last year if it wasn’t for my A-Levels but right now my mum is seriously considering moving to Manchester which is 4 hours away. I’m glad we’re not going to Manchester because I would miss my friends way too much. The main reason why we aren’t moving to Manchester now is because I’ll be going to university next year and I’ve already started the university application in school and she doesn’t want to do anything that could stop that process.

I’ve not really told my friends about the reasons why my family move houses a lot, I usually say it’s because “We want to move to a bigger house” or “My mum didn’t really like our last house, things just kept breaking”, these reasons were somewhat true but I didn’t want to tell them that it was because we couldn’t afford the rent or eviction. I’m not a person who really shares personal information about myself or share information about my home life because sometimes I’m unsure of how I feel about it myself. Most of my friends have lived the same home all their lives and even though I know that moving houses is common, when you do it too many times it starts to have negative effects on you.  I don’t really talk to my friends about things that are happening at home for several reasons but I just getting away from it by spending time with them.

I hope you guys have been having an awesome week so please comment below on what you’ve been up to. Also, I’ve been thinking of maybe doing a Q&A blog post so please tell me what you think about that!

Have an awesome weekend guys,

Omone 🙂

4 thoughts on “Packing Up

  1. You can move houses as many times as you need to, as long as you always have your home- family. I’m house hopping right now and my mum is also a single parent considering a move because of money. I know we’ll be fine wherever we end up, and so will you 🙂

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