This weeks songs are:

1) Nick Brewer – Talk To Me ft. Bibi Bourelly

Nick Brewer is an English Hip Hop and Grime artist who released Talk To Me in July 2015 featuring the German singer, Bibi Bourelly. Bibi Bourelly also wrote the lyrics to Rihanna’s 2015 hit song BBHMM. The music video for this song has just over 4 million views. This track is heavily sampled from the original song Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) by Crystal Water. Talk To Me will become the leading single on his upcoming debut album, Recreation. I really like the uptempo beat of this song, so please check it out below:

Nick Brewer – Talk To Me ft. Bibi Bourelly

2) Bastille – Of The Night

Of The Night was released in October 2013 by the British indie rock band, Bastille. This song became the lead single on their album, All This Bad Blood (2013) and it peaked at no.2 on the UK’s singles chart. I love the fact that this song is a mashup of two Eurodance songs, Rhythm Is A Dancer by the German group Snap! and The Rhytm Of The Night by Corona. This song has been given 5/5 stars by music critics and it was called “one of the most inspired covers ever made”. Dan smith wrote this song about a man who is a crime investigator who sees all kinds of murders, but he falls so deep in depression that he commits suicide. Check out this great song below:

Bastille – Of The Night

3) Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

Kid Sister is an American Rapper who is most known for her song Pro Nails. Right Hand Hi is an electro house track which is the fourth single on her album, Ultraviolet (2009). This song peaked a no.31 on the UK’s R&B singles chart but it didn’t even reach the top 40 on the UK’s singles chart. This song did well in Belgium reaching no.9. This track is the classic party song that gets all hands up in the air, so check out this cool song below:

Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

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