I arrived  back to my current town on Tuesday night but funnily enough I nearly missed my second coach beacuse I was asking the cashier of a store how much millions (the sweets) cost. In the corner of my eye, I noticed my coach at the station, I grabbed my luggage and ran for the coach before I thought it would leave without me. It was alright beacuse the coach driver didn’t even leave his seat to board people into the coach yet and he was so nice as well. The whole journey from Manchester to where i live took about 6 hours and I boarded a coach, took a train and a taxi, all by myself. I’m now current  living with my Uncle, while my mum and brother are in Manchester. The real reason I came back from Manchester is to finish school beacuse we’ve started our application to university and I generally didn’t want to miss 2 weeks of school. The thing is, I hadn’t missed a day of school last year or this year until this Monday and Tuesday beacuse I was in Manchester. I’m quite passionate about my attendance in school, I don’t know why…but I just am. I have had such a good attendance throughout the whole of  secondary school that one of my closest friends was very surprised that I didn’t come into school Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t have that much work to catch up on which is good, even though we’ve sort of started the A2 course.

Today was my last day attending sports day in my school which is quite sad beacuse I participated in an event (track or field) throughout secondary school. This year, I didn’t participate in any events but my form still won sports day overall for year 12s which is brilliant. It was nice to see the whole school outside, representing and cheering on their forms participants. Overall, my house came 3rd, which is really good especially because I moved to a new form in the begging of year 12. This time next year, I will be on summer holiday beacuse we finish school in May in year 13 which means an extended summer,I can’t wait!

I hope you guys have been having a good week so please comment what you’ve been up to this week 🙂


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