I can’t believe that today is the last day of year 12. It feels like it was yesterday when I first walked into the sixth form and met all the new sixth form students if my form. I’m just glad that I have survived this year. Surprisingly, Year 12 wasn’t as stressful as I thought I’d be and honestly… I don’t know why. Most of my friends hated sixth form and wished they went to college instead due to the workload and the amount of stress teachers put on us but I feel like I’ve really kept my head above the water this year. This could be because whenever I get an essay or a big project to complete, I always remind myself that this is only a small challenge that I have to go through that will lead to a great overall result in my A-levels. I have enjoyed year 12 even though there have been some ups and downs throughout the year and I’ll even say that year 12 is probably one of my favourite academic years including year 9 and 10. This is mostly beacuse we got to skip the lunch queue but also beacuse we have more freedom and we can focus on the subjects we enjoy. Next year, we will be only doing 3 subjects, that’s 6 double lessons and lots more free periods! I’ve heard that year 13 is better than year 12 beacuse you get used to the structure and work in sixth form.

I’m also glad that I don’t have any hard summer homework, unlike last summer, which makes the holiday even better however, I think I have to write my personal statement for my UCAS application over summer. If you guys have any tips, please comment them! I was supposed to start writing my personal statement this week but it didn’t happen because I couldn’t access my UCAS account (which is now locked beacuse I tried to log in too many times, LOL) and I couldn’t really be bothered because it’s the last week of school. I had two big projects that I had to give in yesterday for biology and psychology which was a little bit stressful beacuse 1. My statistical analysis was all wrong so that effected the conclusion of my experiment in biology and 2. I didn’t have a debrief form or signatures of my participants in psychology however, I completed both subjects and handed them in one time.

These next 6 weeks of summer will mostly be spent chilling out, relaxing and catching up on all my favourite shows. I’ll be spending a lot of the summer with my family out in Manchester which will be a nice change in scenery. I know some of you guys have already started your summer holiday so please comment on what you’ve been up to/going to be doing this summer!

Omone 🙂

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