Music Monday: 29/08/16

Music Monday: 29/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) The Smiths – This Night Has Opened My Eyes

I think that this is one of the most underrated songs by the Smiths which appears on their compilation album, Hatful of Hollow (1984). I really love this song mostly because of the guitar riff and the bass beacuse they’re soo good and, like most songs by The Smiths, it’s a little bit depressing. In this song, Morrissey criticises Christianity and believes that people are misleading themselves by following Jesus. Even though I have opposing views on the meaning of this song, check out this great song below:

The Smiths – This Night Has Opened My Eyes

2) TLC – Kick Your Game 

Kick Your Game was released by the R&B/Hip-Hop group, TLC and this is the third track  on their second debut album, CrazySexyCool (1994). TLC are the best-selling American girl group and their one of my favourite girl groups of all time. I really like this song and my favourite part is when Left Eye is alternating between being the man and being herself while rapping. Lisa “Left Eye” describes how she first met her then boyfriend, Andre Rison. This whole song states the fact that even though she knows he wants to take her home, if he can’t catch her attention then she’s not going home with him. Check out this cool song below:

TLC – Kick Your Game

3) Lemar – If There’s Any Justice

Lemar is an English R&B and If There’s Any Justice is the first single from his second album, Time To Grow (2004). This song peaked at no.3 on the UKs singles chart between 2004-2005. The lyrics of this song is so sweet to me because it is about a girl that he has fallen in love with but she already has a man. He states that if he had met her first, they would have been together instead of her and that other guy. Check out this song below:

Lemar – If There’s Any Justice

I hope you especially enjoy this weeks music choices and please comment on what you think about these songs!

Omone 😀

An interview with DC rapper, Earl

An interview with DC rapper, Earl

Earlier on this week, I got the amazing opportunity to interview of one DC’s best rappers, Earl. His music contains positive messages with no profanity to appeal to a wide range of audiences. He aims to spread the love of God to each individual on earth through his music and he believes that God has called him to become a musician for a special purpose. Here is me interviewing Earl:

Me: “Why and when did you decide to pursue a music career and spread God’s word through your music?”

Earl: “So basically, I tried to fit into many different moulds that just weren’t me and I was trying to fit into moulds of what other people thought I should be and then I started to kinda dabble into music and I felt a sense of draw into the fulfilment and this creative freedom, if you will, and I began to realise that there were actually messages that were semi unintentional in my music that God was blessing me with and in November 9th 2014 he revealed tome that this was actually my passion, purpose and call.”

Me: “Was there something, like a job, you were doing before you started making music?”

Earl: “Sure, I was actually a tattoo artist for 11 years, so everything kinda in the art industry but nothing fit me the way that music did and that’s by God’s grace. Music was what I was created to do and through him I wanna give him the glory to that.”

Me: “So is there a particular message that you want to give to people who listen to your music? When they hear your music, what sort of thoughts do you want them to have in their minds?”

Earl: “Sure, well each song has a different subject matter and a different tempo, so it will have different messages but all in all I want my music to reflect Christ first and foremost and I’m being called to break down this barrier of what is called ‘church music’ and I want people to hear a Christ like perspective of all subject matters and not be limited and put into a box of just church and christian radio or just church people to be my audience. I want to reach all people, speaking on all subject matters that would be better described as ‘life music’, so I really want to bring a message of Christ first, inspiration and hope but also talk about the subject matters that are touchy and put them into things like dance music and all kinds of different things”

Me: “That’s great, I see where you’re coming from, you’re trying to put your music into different genres and not the stereotypical christian music and christian radio show…”

Earl: “Correct”

Me: “… you want [your songs] to be in dance music, rock music, reggae music, so all people can get the chance to listen to it in different genres that they’re most interested in. So, is there any musical instruments that you like playing or anything else you have a passion for musically other than singing?

Earl: “The lyrics part of it and the basis of subject matter is where my main draw is but I’m also learning the keyboard, beat pads and drumlines as well so, I’m getting into more and more things which is exciting and fun for me.”

Me ” It nice to hear that! So, do you have any musicians that you look up to in life, aside from God of course, who inspires you to carry on doing music?”

Earl: ” Sure, yeah actually, going back to earlier years I was inspired by Phil Collins, Timex Social Club, Earth, Wind and Fire umm.. Bad Company and getting into more modern music, I love like Ellie Goulding’s music, I like that whole feel, I actually like… this is kind of odd but Carrie Underwood because she sends a message in his music as well, there are so many artists, Bruno Mars, that it’s really hard to say a specific person, I’m not trying to mimic anyone but it’s very inspiring to just absorb the art community and other artists, I think that it’s beautiful”

Me: ” Is there a musician today that you would like to collab with or write a song with?”

Earl: ” There’s several, once again Ellie Goulding, I’ve always loved her and her music. I would love to do something with Bruno Mars and Adele, man there’s so many, that would only be naming a few and obviously Phil Collins, if I ever got the chance to do that, that would be amazing because the roots of that would be really really cool.”

Me: ” Do you have a favourite genre of music that you like to listen in your down time, when you just want to chill?”

Earl: ” Umm… I don’t, just like how I write my music out of emotion and my experiences or things that maybe other people experience, with music it’s whatever the mood is. I don’t limit myself to a specific genre, but that’s what’s beautiful about music because there’s a wide range that you can tune into, with whatever I feel that day and time, that’s what I want my albums to convey, I don’t want a theme to my album, I want a theme to every song so that an audience doesn’t just listen to it and go ” It’s a down day”, I want there to be a case for everyday and that’s the same way I absorb music myself.”

Me: ” What would you like to accomplish in 5 or 10 years?”

Earl: ” Ummm.. well, God is first and foremost in all this and to him be the glory and praise, I want to glorify him and through that I just want to be honest in my music, I want to give a sense of honesty and I want to stay true to myself and I never want to minimise my God to maximise my success, so over the next 5 to 10 years of course I hope that I become successful in this and this becomes my full-time career and I’m able to reach millions of people but also I trust God’s timing and I trust that he’ll have me where I need to be and I just have to stay focused and continue to enjoy it and it’s my passion and there’s a purpose in my call behind it, I trust that it will always be there because God never changes his mind. He’s made it very clear that this is what I’m suppose to do and I’ll continue to do it and never give up.”

Me: ” That’s amazing, do you get nervous performing in public, in front of people or is it exciting?”

Earl: ” No, actually by God’s grace alone, I feel most comfortable, I feel completely comfortable with that and I know that’s not my doing and I know that it’s God’s hand and he gives me comfort, I love it.”

Me: ” Have you made any embarrassing mistakes or had technical issues on stage?”

Earl: ” No, not yet, I’m sure it will happen but you know the cool thing is that I’m so imperfect but God uses imperfect people for his perfect plan, so when something like that happens you just kinda go with it. It adds character to the moment and depth in the experience. Initially, you want everything to go perfectly, in the sense like a wedding day, but really when stuff like that happens it makes you more humble. People look at you like a regular guy and no matter how big a name becomes, people need to connect with that. I’m just a regular guy too, no greater than any person who listens to my music. I want people to connect with that. We’ll just laugh at it and carry on!”

Me: ” Have you always had a special relationship with God, have you always trusted him or was it later onto your teenage years that you looked for direction from God?”

Earl: ” Well, my mum had always gone to church. I didn’t become saved until 2000, not to say that I’m perfect now, I’m still far from perfect it’s not funny. I really was holding onto to so many things and so many fears and trying to figure out who I was, until November 9th 2014 when God revealed many things to my, amongst that my passion and purpose and call was music. I really didn’t feel alive until that day to be completely honest with people, I don’t share that in a sense of being proud of making mistakes but I share that in a sense to be humble because if I can learn from those things and help someone not go through the same experience and help them grow by my mistakes and learning from them. I don’t want people to visualise me as “Err, he’s a guy that loves God so everything’s perfect” It’s not but my God is perfect and I trust him in all things. When he revealed this to me, there’s no stopping God. Me talking to you today is not something I’ve done but it’s something that God’s aligned and I’m so thankful for that. November 9th 2014, that’s when God completely changed my life and took my fears and my burdens away. He revealed who I am and what I’m suppose to do, I now get up for a purpose. Not to say my life was terrible, I don’t want you to hear me wrong. I want to extend his kingdom and I want to reach people who might have never stepped foot in a church.”

Me: ” Last question, what’s your favourite song that you’ve written?”

Earl: “It’s actually a song that I haven’t released yet called “I will stand”, it is actually the first song that I wrote after my revelation and the reason why it’s my favourite song and it’s not even released yet is because its literally at that point in my life where I was like not only did God give me salvation and he does so many things for me but he also goes above and beyond. People need to hear that time and time again. That song is basically saying that I will stand for his grace and glory and I’ll do this for him and him alone . That song was a pivotal moment in my life, a milestone that can never be changed and I will always give him the glory through my passion and purpose in music. That song will forever mean the most to me. With this song, God brought me to life and that song has a special place in my heart.”

Me: “Thank you, Earl, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you!”

Earl: ” To God be all the glory for this opportunity. Thank you so much for allowing me to  share my music with you, I’ll never forget the moment you took time out of your day to interview me.”

Check out Earl’s latest song below:


Music Monday: 22/08/16

Music Monday: 22/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Akon – Troublemaker

Troublemaker features Sweet Rush and this is the fourth single in his debut album, Freedom (2008). In this song, Akon is “Posted up” in the club and he’s chilling with the ladies, even though he says he’ll treat his girl like a queen, they know that he is nothing but trouble. I first heard this song when I was in primary school, maybe I was in year 5/6 but it was the only song that I had on iTunes for a while! I used to listen to this song on repeat after school on the computer, so whenever I hear this song it takes me back to my childhood where my passion for music began. I don’t think that this is a groundbreaking song with outstanding lyrics, but check out this song below:

Akon – Troublemaker

2) Mary J. Blige – Real Love

Real Love was released in 1992 by R&B singer, Mary J. Blige. This is the second single from her debut studio album, What’s The 411? (1992). Real Love peaked at no.7 on the US Billboards Hot 100 in 1992 but reached no. 1 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks in 1992. Toby Lightman did a cover of this song in 2004 and it appeared on her debut studio album, Little Things (2004). I really like the beat in this song and how personal this song is to Mary because she said to her producer:  ‘I just want a real love in my life for once.’ Check out this great song below:

Mary J. Blige – Real Love

3) Tweet – Boogie 2nite

Boogie 2nite is a dance-pop song by Tweet, released in December 2002. This song appeared on her debut album, Southern Hummingbird (2002). I originally heard this song through the cover by the British dance group, Booty Luv which peaked at no. 1 on the UKs dance chart in 2006. Booty Luv’s version of this song is more suited for a party/club setting in my opinion, but I like both versions. Tweet’s original version of this song in my opinion focuses more on the vocals and I love the harmonisation of her vocals in this song, It’s soothing. Check out this nice song below:

Tweet – Boogie 2nite

Please tell me what you think about this weeks song choices and suggest any songs you’d like me to add to Music Monday next week!

Omone 😀


AS Results

AS Results

Thursday was the day I had to collect my AS results. These results (in my sixth form at least) indicated which year 12s were going to remain in sixth form because you have to get at least 3 D grades to move on to year 13. I took a coach all the way from Manchester, where I was spending my holidays, to collect my exam results the following day. In all honesty, all through summer I wasn’t really thinking about my exam results until the day before we collected our results. Only when I would really think about the consequences of getting bad grades and not making it into year 13 that I could feel my stomach turn and a jolt of worry would fill my chest. On Wednesday, I spent the last few minutes before I went to bed praying and convincing myself that I would get good results and I wouldn’t be kick out of sixth form. When I woke up in the morning of results day I decided that I would fast till noon even though we could start collecting and opening our results at 11am.

I entered the hall with my two friends who both unfortunately got slips on top of their results envelope telling them to go to the sixth form centre right away. You only get slips with that note on top of your results envelope if you didn’t get good grades and you needed to talk about your next step or if you’re going to be kicked out of sixth form. I’m quite grateful that I didn’t have one. I was left on my own to open my results, which i believe is better because in my experience you’re less nervous and people don’t right away ask what grades you got. I opened the envelop and saw:

  • Geography – D
  • Media Studies – A
  • Psychology – C
  • Biology – D

Hmmm…. well I’m glad I got 1 A. Getting a D is geography didn’t even surprise me because I hate that subject and I knew no matter how many flash cards I had made and how much revision I had done, I wouldn’t get a good grade. I was told by my form tutor, who is also one of my media teachers, that I was one of the only two people who did media studies that got an A. I am a little disappointing with my psychology and biology result but I’m honestly still willing to put in the work in year 13 to get better grades and get into good universities. Another reason why I’m dropping geography is that the grades that you get in your geography exam at the end of year 12 count to year 13 whereas, only the exams at the end of year 13 count for psychology and biology. Thankfully, my two friends that I went to collect my results with that were told to go to the sixth form centre were able to stay in sixth form while others in my year were not so lucky…

If you are in year 12, I hope you got the grades you wanted and if you’re in year 13 I hope you got into the university of your choice!

Omone 😀

Music Monday: 15/08/16

Music Monday: 15/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) John Newman- Gold Dust

John Newman is an English singer and songwriter who is most known for his song, Love Me Again, which reached no. 1  in the UKs singles chart in 2013. Gold Dust is the ninth single from his debut studio album, Tribute (2013) which reached no. 1 on the UKs albums chart in 2013. The song starts off with the singer telling his partner that it’s better for them to break up and he lets out all the thoughts he’s had on their 2 year relationship. Their relationship is ‘Gold Dust’ because even though their relationship has turned to dust, they’re ending each others unhappiness. Check out this great song below:

John Newman – Gold Dust

2)  Kate Boy – Northern Lights

Kate Boy is a Swedish synth-pop duo. Northern Lights was released in 2012 and the song is literally about northern lights that show up in the northern hemisphere due to electrical charged particles which produces a variety of colours, predominantly green and pink. The music video of this song contains stunning visuals of different designs and the group themselves. Check out this cool song below:

Kate Boy – Northern Lights

3) Axwell – Nothing But Love ft.Errol Reid 

Axwell is one of the three members of Swedish House Mafia, a progressive/electro house group, and this song appeared on their album Until One (2010). The music video is really interesting because it reflects the meaning of the lyrics which is all about Jesus. This interview of Axwell basically sums up the song and music video:  “The vocal, it sounds like it’s a Jesus kind of a thing. With the whole ‘Whatever you do, turn the other cheek’ and ‘I got nothing but love for you, whatever you do.’ So I was like, ‘I really like this idea,’ and it’s going to be kind of hard to pull off with it not being weird or upsetting. I think the idea is that it’s a bit like how we would be if there was a modern Jesus among us.” Check out this song below:

Axwell – Nothing But Love ft. Errol Reid

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Thank you, AwkwardKid for nominating me for the Liebster award! This is the second time you’ve nominated me for this award, I’m very grateful. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and thanks for the great questions, here are my answers:

Are you on or are you going on holiday? If so, where?

I’m not on holiday right now but I think I might be going to Butlins and centre parks in a couple of weeks which is really exciting!

Sweet or salted popcorn?

I like both sweet and salted popcorn however, I wouldn’t have them mixed together. Ultimately, I would choose sweet just beacuse I have a sweet tooth and I love toffee popcorn.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of different genres of music however I mostly listen to hip-hop, r&b and alternative rock. I like different artists in nearly all genres of music which is great.

Is the reason you started blogging, the same reason you stick to it?

Kind of, I started blogging so I do posts on Charmed, the TV show, which I still do but now I’m blogging more about music and my personal life. Music has always been a passion of mine and its nice to share my music taste with others. I started to do personal posts beacuse I wanted to share my experiences with others and that’s the same reason why I’m still doing it today.

Who’s you celebrity crush?

I don’t really have any celebrity crush except from Zendaya ( you guys all know who she is) and Tara Koltun, a Canadian model. If you don’t know who he his, please look him up and you’ll see what I mean 😉

Would you rather be hot or cold?

I would rather be cold beacuse when you’re cold you can just put layers of clothing on yourself until you’re warm and use blankets. Generally, I think I tolerate heat better but when you’re really hot you just want to strip off all your clothes unless you have a great fan.

What’s your favourite part of yourself in general?

Hmmm, this is hard question beacuse you notice your flaws more than the good qualities in yourself. I would probably say that my favourite part of my self is my generosity and how open minded I can be.

What’s your favourite book?

My favourite book is A Spoonful of Jam by Michelle Magorian. It’s been a while since I read this book, but I’ve always considered it as the best book I’ve read. I’ve also enjoyed reading the Hunger Games trilogy. To be honest, I want to read more books beacuse I honestly believe I don’t read enough fictional material.

What’s your favourite season?

My favourite season is either summer or autumn. I do love the sun and like other Brits, I wish we could see more of it throughout the year.

Where is the place you would like to see in the world?

There are a lot of cities I want to visit e.g. New York City, Toronto etc. but I also want to see places like Niagara falls,  the great wall of China and the pyramids in Egypt.

11 facts about me:

  • I was born in Nigeria
  • My favourite sport to watch is basketball (beacuse I don’t play any sports in real life)
  • I love munching on ice, i’d eat ice even if it was -30 degrees celsius
  • I don’t like the taste of cooked onions
  • I love watching anime
  • My favourite subject is media studies
  • I’m scared of dogs
  • If I could live in any other country, it would be American, specifically New York.
  • I’m an introvert
  • My middle name is Winnie
  • I love oreos

The nominees for this award are:

Thanks again for the nomination, AwkwardKid, here are the rules for the nominees:

  1. Acknowledge the person who has nominated you for this award
  2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate other deserving bloggers
  5. let them know you’ve nominated them
  6. Give 11 questions for the nominees to answer

Here are my 11 questions my nominees:

  1. Name 1 of your pet peeves?
  2. What country/landmark would you like to visit?
  3. Who is your favourite author?
  4. If you could be anyone in the world besides yourself, who would it be?
  5. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
  6. What was the last show you binge watched?
  7. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
  8. Would rather go to the cinema or a theatre and why?
  9. What’s your favourite part about being a blogger?
  10. If you had to listen to only one music genre for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
  11. If you had to choose between living with the TV or music, which one would you choose?

Thank you,

Omone 🙂

The Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award

I really want to thank Mike Senczyszak for nominating me for this great award, I haven’t been blogging for a long time so I feel very privileged to be nominated!

I’ve been following Mike’s blog, Solsbury Hill, for some time know and I’ve really enjoyed  reading his posts because they genuinely touch on interesting and intriguing topics that can affect our everyday lives. Also, he writes about what it’s like to be a blogger, which we can relate to, for example in some of his posts he talks about how he finds it hard to feel motivated to write a post, which I can definitely relate with. I like how unique and honest his writing is. It’s funny because I’ve never really been the type of person to like long, thought proving articles but he is one of the few writers where I enjoy reading these types of posts.

So, how did I get started blogging?

I first started blogging in April because I wanted to write posts about one of my favourite TV shows, Charmed. I first created a website on Weebly however, I didn’t really like the platform because it wasn’t as flexible as I thought a blog would be. If you knew me personally, you might not instantly think of me being a music/personal blogger because I seem like more of a quite and conservative type of person which is one of the reason I didn’t want to start a personal blog. Till this day, I haven’t told most of my closest friends about this blog and trust me if you met the people that go to my school, you would too. I first only considered doing posts about Charmed but later decided to write posts on my personal life to meet more people and share my experiences and thoughts to the world. I am also quite passionate about music and I listen to music wayyy to much so later I decided to create ‘Music Monday’ to share my favourite tunes with you guys.

2 advice for new bloggers:

  1. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to publish posts often. It’s OK to write 1 or 2 posts per week even though most of you have heard that the more posts you publish, the more views your blog will get. This is true, but its important not to burn yourself out by trying to create new material everyday/every other day.
  2. Be yourself and write posts about things that you genuinely find interesting. If you don’t find it interesting then you’re going to find it hard to have the motivation to write.

Before I nominate 15 great bloggers for this award, thank you again Mike for nominating me! Here are the 15 bloggers I have nominated for this award, I will be sending the rules to each of the nominees:


Music Monday: 08/08/16

Music Monday: 08/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Twenty One Pilots – Fake You Out

Twenty One Pilots are an alternative hip hop band from Ohio, America. Fake You Out was the first song that I heard from this great band and I instantly fell in love with it. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of drummer, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. I love the deep meaning in this song and how teenagers of this generation can relate to the lyrics. The singer believes that he can’t live up to the expectations of society and even the people who think they’re closest to him, can’t help him out. Alternatively, this song could be about God and how he can’t see what God sees in him. Check out this great song below:

Twenty One Pilots – Fake You Out

2) Clean Bandit – Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass

Clean Bandit are an Electronic group from Cambridge, England who are commonly known for their song Rather Be featuring Jess Glynne. Sharna Bass provides the vocals for this song and this is the fifth single in their debut studio album, New Eyes (2014). I really like Sharna’s vocals in this song mostly beacuse she uses her original North-West London accent rather than putting on an American accent like some singers. The music video was filmed in Cuba and this song reached no.5 on the UK’s singles chart in 2014. Check out this good song below:

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass

3) Robbie Williams – Bodies

Bodies was realised in October 2009 by the British recording artist, Robbie Williams. This song also appears on his eighth studio album, Reality Killed the Video Star (2014) and it reached no.2 in the UK’s singles chart in 2009. This song describes the journey through Williams’ career and his change in his views on religion. He starts the song off by saying “God gave me the sunshine” which shows that he believes in God however by the end of the song his view changes. Check out this song below:

Robbie Williams – Bodies



The New Northerner?

The New Northerner?

Meeting my best friends Sarah and Zara was one of the best things that have happened this year. I hadn’t seen Sarah since our leaver’s ceremony in year 11 and Zara since the beginning of this year, so it was great catching up and talking about sixth form and college with each other whilst eating at our favourite restaurant: Nandos. We went to this great desert restaurant afterwards and the ice cream I had tasted like HEAVEN! I also ate some of Sarah’s pancakes as well as Zara’s cocktail which were both delicious! I spent the last 15 minutes, in that restaurant, munching on the ice in Zara’s cocktail because if there’s one thing I love…it’s ICE. We spent the last few minutes together taking selfies and walking around town and we definitely agreed on meeting up before summer ends. Overall, it just felt like old times, lord knows how much I had missed them.

Sunday was the last time I was going to see Moyo before leaving to go to back to Manchester, so we said our last goodbyes, promising each other that we’d still stay in touch. I’m going to really miss that guy. When I arrived at the coach station on Monday, I was so worried that I had missed my coach but thankfully the coach I was supposed to get on was only 20 minutes late. The whole 6 hr journey to Manchester wasn’t too bad however, I pissed off one of the passengers on the second coach because I accidentally sat on her seat! I honestly didn’t know that the seat was taken but when she came back from the toilet she just looked at me and said “EXCUSE ME, THAT IS MY SEAT!”. LOL. I’m thinking “Why you so loud for??”. What’s even worse is that I had to sit next to her for the rest of the journey beacuse all the other seats were taken. When I reached the Manchester coach station I could see my mum’s head trying to find me in the coach since we got to Manchester 30 minutes late. My mum got a mad beacuse I forgot to give her a hug but it was only beacuse my suitcase was so heavy and I was practically dragging it across the floor. We got a taxi back to my uncles house and I have to say that it was so awkward, not beacuse of the taxi driver (he was really sweet), but beacuse my mum kept telling him that we were going to move to Manchester, find a house here and how she was so excited to move up north beacuse the houses are cheaper. I was just sitting because we didn’t discuss this decision properly, I really don’t want to move to Manchester and I’m going to be in year 13 next year so I don’t want to move school. I was surprised by the statements she had said in the taxi because I didn’t know that everything had been finalised. I asked my mum whether we were definitely moving to Manchester and she said that she still wasn’t sure. I’ve enjoyed staying at my Uncles, this week, but I keep getting confronted by the fact that I’m not girly enough *sigh*. Anyway, the Rio Olympics opening is tonight, well technically tomorrow for people who live in the UK because it starts at midnight, but I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are excited as much as I am for the Olympics. Have a great weekend everyone!

Omone 🙂


Music Monday: 01/08/16

Music Monday: 01/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

Aaliyah is one of the greatest R&B vocalists of all time and Rock The Boat is one of my favourite songs by her. This is the third single from her self-titled album, Aaliyah (2001), but it was released as a single in January 2002 in the US. This song is mostly about Aaliyah telling her partner how to please her sexually and she wants to spice things up in their love life. I love the groovy and hypnotic rhythm of this song which is complementary with Aaliyah’s soothing voice. The music video features Aaliyah walking on a beach and dancing on a yacht with her backup dancers. It saddens me to know that Aaliyah and her dancers died a few days later, in a plane crash, after filming the music video for Rock The Boat, R.I.P Aaliyah! Check out this beautiful song below:

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

2) Wilkinson – Half Light ft. Tom Cane

Wilkinson is a drum and bass artist from London but his real name is Mark Wilkinson. He first rose to fame with his single Afterglow which entered the UK charts in October 2013 and it features the uncredited vocals of Becky Hill. Half Light is the sixth single from his debut studio album, Lazers Not Included (2013). This song was released in June 2014 not only to digitally download but it is also available on vinyl. The lyrics from this song portrays someone who wants to live forever in the moment with the person he loves. What I like most about this song is the beat drop and I like the “What we felt tonight” lyric in the chorus. Check out this great song below:

Wilkinson – Half Light ft. Tom Cane

3) Big Boi – Shutterbugg ft. Cutty

Shutterbugg is a Hip-Hop single by the American rapper, Big Boi, released in June 2012 in the UK. This song appeared on his debut album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty (2010).  ‘Shutterbugg’ in this song means the paparazzi and he’s telling people to flash a a peace sign when they see the paparazzi to look cool. I love the beat in this song and this is what catches your attention when you first listen to this song. This crazy song is reflected in the music video which features a mountain of sneakers, a wall of red cups and other weird settings so, please check out this awesome song below:

Big Boi – Shutterbugg ft. Cutty