Thursday was the day I had to collect my AS results. These results (in my sixth form at least) indicated which year 12s were going to remain in sixth form because you have to get at least 3 D grades to move on to year 13. I took a coach all the way from Manchester, where I was spending my holidays, to collect my exam results the following day. In all honesty, all through summer I wasn’t really thinking about my exam results until the day before we collected our results. Only when I would really think about the consequences of getting bad grades and not making it into year 13 that I could feel my stomach turn and a jolt of worry would fill my chest. On Wednesday, I spent the last few minutes before I went to bed praying and convincing myself that I would get good results and I wouldn’t be kick out of sixth form. When I woke up in the morning of results day I decided that I would fast till noon even though we could start collecting and opening our results at 11am.

I entered the hall with my two friends who both unfortunately got slips on top of their results envelope telling them to go to the sixth form centre right away. You only get slips with that note on top of your results envelope if you didn’t get good grades and you needed to talk about your next step or if you’re going to be kicked out of sixth form. I’m quite grateful that I didn’t have one. I was left on my own to open my results, which i believe is better because in my experience you’re less nervous and people don’t right away ask what grades you got. I opened the envelop and saw:

  • Geography – D
  • Media Studies – A
  • Psychology – C
  • Biology – D

Hmmm…. well I’m glad I got 1 A. Getting a D is geography didn’t even surprise me because I hate that subject and I knew no matter how many flash cards I had made and how much revision I had done, I wouldn’t get a good grade. I was told by my form tutor, who is also one of my media teachers, that I was one of the only two people who did media studies that got an A. I am a little disappointing with my psychology and biology result but I’m honestly still willing to put in the work in year 13 to get better grades and get into good universities. Another reason why I’m dropping geography is that the grades that you get in your geography exam at the end of year 12 count to year 13 whereas, only the exams at the end of year 13 count for psychology and biology. Thankfully, my two friends that I went to collect my results with that were told to go to the sixth form centre were able to stay in sixth form while others in my year were not so lucky…

If you are in year 12, I hope you got the grades you wanted and if you’re in year 13 I hope you got into the university of your choice!

Omone 😀

9 thoughts on “AS Results

  1. I’m glad you get to continue. Remember, stadarised testing is not the gold standard of marking, it is simply the most cost efficient. I suggest you keep a learning journal for your subjects, as you will process material at a deeper level. Here is a link to my pinterest board for Learning Journals, I’ve another board for Study Printables,

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  2. Happy to hear about your results. I am quite sure the pressure you feel is palpable, our 13 year old daughter frets about her marks, and she just finished grade 7. The education system across the globe has become competitive to point standardized testing is failing individuals in favour of raising statistical averages. Keep focused, and do your best, and you will be a winner! Always. Good luck!

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