My first week of year 13 (more like 2 days) went OK. I actually missed the first day of year 13, which was Tuesday, because I was still in Manchester and I wouldn’t be back until Wednesday. We got the day off on Wednesday so we could complete our personal statements and our UCAS applications which I still haven’t finished. The first draft of my personal statement is now due in on Monday because my awesome form tutor gave us the weekend to complete it. I am currently applying to do psychology at university and I’ve been using The Next Chemist’s post about tips on writing your personal statement to help me with mine, so check it out if you’re currently doing your personal statement! 

My new timetable isn’t very different from last years however, I’ve dropped geography and I have 10 free periods, which is so great. I especially like the fact that I only have biology on Monday morning and for the rest of the day, I have free periods!!  It also means I can go home early because I have no lessons after lunch. On the other hand, one of my favourite teachers that I had for biology won’t be teaching me this year which is a bit upsetting but I’ll get through it. I’ve still got to get my new psychology and biology textbooks from the finance office but that isn’t at the top of my priorities at the moment because some a provided at school, but I’ll buy them soon. I know this year is going to be tougher and more stressful because we are applying to university but to be honest, I can’t wait to finish sixth form. I’ve heard from a lot of people that sixth form was one of the most stressful times in their lives and it’s even worse than university. I guess it’s beacuse you’re doing 3/4 subjects whereas you are doing a course you enjoy at university.

I hope you have been having a wonderful week and please comment below what you have been up to this week!

Omone 😀

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