This week has been so hectic, not just in school work but outside school as well. One of my oldest friends parents planned a surprise party for her birthday, so we tried hard all week to pretend that we weren’t going to be doing anything for her birthday and I’m not going to lie, I nearly spilled the beans when we were walking to school! My friends and I got to hide behind her gazebo and when she walked inside we shouted happy birthday and let out lots of party poppers. I was glad that she had no idea that we had planned a surprise party for her 18th and she thoroughly enjoyed burning her sociology folder, the subject she hated and dropped at the end of year 12, LOL.

My first whole week of year 13 has been busy and hectic due to the workload not only from teachers but from completing our UCAS application which includes our personal statement. I gave my first draft of my personal statement to my form tutor on Tuesday and she’s commented on what I need to improve on, which is quite a lot, so I’m planning on completing my second draft tomorrow. I know I can’t complete a personal statement in a week but I really can’t wait for this UCAS process to be over. I have a considerable amount of homework and wider reader I have to look forward to this weekend. I’ve gotten used to people asking me about my situation with my family in Manchester and me staying with my uncle, which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable when I’m asked because it reminds me of how much I miss them.

This post is quite short but I really hope that you have a had a productive and enjoyable week. Please comment below what you’ve been up to!

Omone 😀

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