It’s now the second half of this term, meaning that I’m ever so close to doing my mock exams in January. I’m particularly nervous because our mocks for biology which include two modules that we studied last year, this is due to the fact that biology is now a 2 year course. The grades I got for biology at the end of year 12 don’t count to my overall a-levels grade anymore. I only have mock exams for psychology and biology which is good, I am currently filming my documentary for media studies. 

I’m quite excited because I started filming my documentary yesterday where I interviewed my Aunty about how she think ethnic minorities are represented in the media and how this could affect her children. I am also going to interview my friend at church as well as get some shots of the service to include. I’ve also been thinking about the music I’m going to add because it’s just as important as the footage, I might include Keeping You Head Up (instrumental) and Hold On by Timabaland & Magoo. Hold On has quite a sad vibe to it which reflects the issue that I’m going to address in my documentary.

I got the great opportunity to go to my old primary school to do voluntary work on Thursday Morning. It was great being back at my old school yesterday and seeing all the changes that have occured since Ieft. I met some of my old teachers, including my friends Dad who is a PE teacher at the primary school. I have so many memories from primary school for example going to see Lion King in theatre. My class was made up of around 15 pupils and my primary school was still very small when I was there. I was quite close to everyone in my class and we definitely made the most of the last few weeks we had left in primary school. My friend and I often wish that we could go back to primary school for one week because we miss it so much!

I hope you guys have been having a good week and please tell me what you’ve been up to this week!


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