How To Catch A Unicorn’s Fart

How To Catch A Unicorn’s Fart

You’re probably wondering why the title of this post is called ‘How To Catch A Unicorn’s Fart’ and this is because of my voluntary work. Every week on Thursday morning, I volunteer at my old primary school, I’ll be doing this for the whole of November.

This week I worked with the year 6s in particular, 2 boys named Lucas and Patrick. When the teacher told me to sit next to Lucas, I accidentally sat next to Patrick which was kind of embarrassing but we all just thought it was funny. The task for the lesson was to construct a set of instructions for how to catch a unicorns fart and the kids had to think of creative ways to lure the unicorn, make it fart and trap the fart. Lucas and Patrick were so cute, they were just sitting together at the back of the class and working with both of them put a big smile on my face. We ending up talking of Donald Trump, horror movies, older siblings etc. Lucas said ‘Do you know Donald Trump?, I hate him!!’ And I’m like that makes two of us😉. I helped them both create their instructions and they were so fascinated with life at secondary school and sixth form. It was so sad saying goodbye to them and as I walked out the door, I turned back around and watched them wave at me from the back of the classroom😭 I have enjoyed my experience so far being back at primary school and yesterday I met some more of my old teachers and teachers assistant. 

I’ve got a lot of work to do over the weekend which sucks however, tomorrow is my friends 18th birthday party and I can’t wait🎉 

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and please comment below what you’re going to be up to this weekend☺️

Omone 😀