Yayyyy🎉 I’ve officially sent of my application for university and I’m so happy. It’s been a long time coming and I want to thank everyone one of you who have given me advise and helped me with my personal statement. I’m applying to Leicester, Southampton, UEA, Kent and Loughborough. My personal statement has been the one thing that I’m been trying to perfect, my psychology teacher was really helpful as well because he gave me books with extra studies and research, that I added onto my personal statement. I talked about research into social and cultural stereotyping and language development in my personal statement which made it a lot better. I went my advisor and showed her my personal statement on Wednesday and she said that it was pretty much perfect which made me feel great! She had to check my whole application and today I pressed the button that officially sent off my application.

Yesterday, I went to do voluntary work at my old primary school again but this time I was helping out the Year 4s. I was a scribe for a called called Emma because she had broken her arm and I had a great time. Like last week, we were also writing instructions however this time the children had to make instructions for making an Alpana (symmetrical drawings on dotted paper). They had to use sophisticated words ( for 8 year olds) because it was going to be written for year 5s.

I’m also really happy because I’ve started editing my documentary for media studies. So far it looks really good but we only have 3 weeks until we have to give in a rough cut, then 2 weeks to make any changes. My teacher is quite proud of my work so far but I still have more filming and editing to do next week.

I hope you guys have been having a great week, please tell me what you’ve been up to this week or what you’re up to this week!❤️

Omone 😀

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