Today, our school has a day off and it’s called ‘Christmas Shopping Day’ solely dedicated to going shopping for Christmas. Most people don’t have this holiday and to be honest most people in our school don’t go shopping on this day instead they have a lie in or catch up with  school work. I’ve completed more filming for my documentary for media studies and I only have one interview left to do for my documentary, which I will do on Sunday. My documentary is already 4 minutes long because I had underestimated how long each interview was going to be. It said that our work had to be 3-4 minutes long but I need to ask my teacher whether it can be a little bit longer so I can fit everything in. We have 3 weeks left until I have to give in a rough cut of my documentary and only 2 weeks in January to fully complete it. To be honest, I can’t wait until it’s finished!

This week was the last week I had to go back to my primary school but, I’m so glad to have had the experience to go back and meet all the teachers. Seeing my old teachers made me realise that they’d still been teaching 7 years later! The year 4s had some sort of perseverance morning where they have to complete a range of activities e.g. Learn the alphabet in sign language, I’m quite proud to say that I can say my full name in sign language as well.  The teacher I was helping wrote a really beautiful comment on the report sheet we had to complete, the only problem is that she spelt my name wrong! She wrote Omoni instead of Omone😂

I’ve got a 70 minute biology test on Monday which is great! (not) so I have a lot of revision to do this weekend however, I have some good news, I’ve been offered a place at the University of Kent, Leicester and East Anglia to study psychology! Although, I’ve been thinking more lately about doing an apprenticeship, maybe something do to with film studies or graphic design but I don’t know yet.

I hope you guys have been having a great day, please tell me what you’ve been up to today!

Omone 😀

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