This week has been a little harder to go through mostly because of coursework and some of my peers have been making life hell for me. It turns out that I am more behind than I thought on my critical investigation which is an essay about an tissue or topic in the media. I only have 2 weeks left to complete it and I also have 2 weeks left to hand in a rough cut of my opening sequence to my documentary. I’ve actually nearly finished the opening sequence of the documentary, I just need to find the right music and record the voice over. 

I find it really sad how some people try to put you down and degrade you just to make themselves feel better about themselves. They just think they’re better than anyone else and feel like it’s ok to treat people how they want. I don’t know if these people realise that what they say hurts and what they’re doing isn’t actually banter. Why is it that when you’re trying to do work and mind your business they have to come and ruin your day? One boy in my media class, who I never talk to, shouted at me across the class aggressively to do something and said it as if I was a 5 year old, that’s not even it! He turns to his friend and laughs like he’s just proven himself or by making me feel like I can’t do something.

I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them on Sunday and it was brilliant! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I think J.K. Rowling is genius. My favourite character is Queenie because she is so nice, caring, compassionate and she has the coolest power of Legilimency! This is when you can not only read people’s mind but also know their past and secrets.

I’m just glad that this week is over, I have no homework to do but I have to do some revision for my mock exams in January. I’ve also got offers from 4 universities now which is great! I hope you guys have been having a better week than I have, please comment below what you’ve been up to!

Omone 😀

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