Secret Santa

Secret Santa

I have been bombarded with work this week. I’ve had 3 assessment in 3 days and I’ve got mocks coming up in January. I’ve been given a timetable for my mocks and I have 2 of them on the same day😫. I’ve been given a table of what could come up in my psychology exam and I have to go through 4 AS topics that I did last year. Also, I have to mention that my biology exam is 2HOURS AND 15 MINUTES long. It’s longer than any exam I’ve had at GCSE but for the real biology exam we have more than one paper that are at least 2 hours long. I’m glad that we break up for Christmas holiday on Wednesday and technically I don’t have to come in for periods 1 and 2 because I have a free period. Also, I need to get my secret Santa a present for Wednesday and I have no idea what to them! I’ve usually been quiete bad at finding the right gifts to get people as well lol😂.

Good news! I’ve booked an audition for a theatre in London, they said i don’t have to prepare anything but I should wear suitable clothes to move around. I’m mostly doing this for fun and to gain more confidence in myself. I think it will be a good experience and maybe I could do more in the future. If you have any tips or advice please feel free to comment, it would be really helpful.

Also, my mum and I are going to Manchester on Wednesday. If you remember from my previous posts, I live in my old city so I can finish year 13. It’s going to be great seeing my mum and brother again, I haven’t seen them in about 4 months. I really miss them but I’m trying to really focus on my education this year.

I hope you have been having a great week, please tell me what you’ve been up to☺️

Omone 😀