New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!


It has been a while since I have written a blog post. Wait! I do have good reason. This year has been so hectic. First of all I recently moved to a new city with my family.  The move was hard, mostly because all my friends live in the my previous location and I have so many memories there. If you don’t know, I have taken a gap year, so I will hopefully be going to university this September. I hardly see most of my friends because they are at university.

One of the most upsetting things that happened earlier this year was losing my phone (lol), it might not seem that serious to you however it was DEVASTATING to me! I don’t have enough money to buy another phone, but I can’t get a contract beacuse I am already with a network, so I am saving up to buy an iPhone 8 plus/X (haha I know :D).

4 weeks I started my new job, well first job, as a fundraiser and I have definitely learned so much about working with different people, professionalism etc. Last week, I had a pretty bad experience with one of my co-workers which left me in tears however I have  grown so much as a person. Me being more of an introvert and not wanting to take more of a leadership role has definitely made this job more challenging due to the fact that you have to be bubbly, friendly and confident with members of the public. Also, I have recently taken the Myers Briggs type indicator test and I am an INFP! I was quite surprised because it basically described my whole personality. Imaginative, emotional, not willing to change my personality because of anyone – Yep, that’s me! Please let me know what your type is! I suspect the my co-worker I had trouble with is an ESTJ/ENTJ but I am not sure. Either way people cannot be boxed into their Myers Briggs type. I have also been learning Japanese so: こんいちは、わたしはです。

I am going to start doing more regular posts, not just about my personal life but also music/films/tv shows!

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Omone 🙂