[Poetry] The Book of Shadows — Jade M.Wong

[Poetry] The Book of Shadows — Jade M.Wong

Check out this awesome poem about Charmed!

Another demon, another day Will evil ever stay away? Look, another demon’s trying to steal me, Whee! There I go, flying away. Surely by now these demons realize That even if they try a thousand times I’ll always protect myself from evil And yet they always seem so surprised. Oh, it seems the sisters need […]

via [Poetry] The Book of Shadows — Jade M.Wong

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My top ten favourite Charmed demons/villains

My top ten favourite Charmed demons/villains

Charmed displays a variety of demons with different powers, physical features and abilities. Here are my favourite demons/villains based of scariness, awesomeness and overall impact in Charmed!

10) The Woogyman – The demon Grams struggled to defeat when the Charmed one was little was still lingering under the manor until Phoebe chanted a spell to get rid of it.

9) The Triad – The Triad sent many demons to try and kill the Charmed ones e.g. Belthazor. They are one of the highest ranked in the hierarchy of evil.

8) Gideon – Gideon earned the Charmed Ones trust especially when he helped convince the elders that Piper and Leo should be allowed to get married however, in season 7, Gideon sees Wyatt as a threat and does all that he could to kill him.

7) The Source – The source is definitely one of the scariest looking demons in Charmed as well as evil!

6) Christy Jenkins – Christy Jenkins was one of the most annoying villains in Charmed and she betrayed her own sister as well as trying to pretend she was on the Charmed ones side.

5) The Seer (Season 4) – The seer guided Cole back into evil as well as using her manipulative ways to get what she wanted!

4) Shax – Shax caused a lot of hurt and grief for the Charmed ones when he killed Prue and he definitely made the Sisters wonder even more if they wanted to carry on being witches

3) Zankou – Zankou’s way of trying to relate and connect with the Charmed ones personally is like non other. In season 7, with help from the Charmed ones he defeated the Avatars and tried to defeat the Charmed ones.

2) Cole Turner/Belthazor/The Source Of All Evil – Cole Turner has stuck around Charmed for a long time, trying to kill the Charmed ones, falling in love with Phoebe, becoming the source of all evil and trying to prove that he is good person. In the end, it was just not meant to be.

1) Barbas – Barbas is in my opinion the scariest demon in Charmed. He’s one of the demons that the Charmed ones just couldn’t stand because he always snuck back into the picture and took advantage of Leo and stole Wyatt’s powers. He wanted revenge!

Comment on who your favourite Charmed demons are below!

My top 10 favourite Charmed episodes

My top 10 favourite Charmed episodes

10) Little Monsters – come on, you can’t deny how cute the baby wassss☺️☺️☺️

9) All Halliwell’s Eve – who didn’t love Phoebe’s costume😂😂😂 🔮🔮🔮

8) Witchstock – Who knew there were witches in the hippie days??✌️✌✌☮☮☮

7) Witches in tights – The charmed ones as superheroes has to be one of the best things ever, especially in these costumes😏😏😏🙅🙅🙅

6) Sin Francisco – Ooooohh, Kinky Phoebe😉😉😉

5) Centennial Charmed – Goodbye Cole, it just wasn’t meant to be👋👋👋😭😭😭

4) Sense and Sense Ability – this episode is definitely one on the funniest throughout the whole show🙈🙉🙊😂😂

3) Awakened – this episode is soo romantic in my opinion, especially Leo’s speech in the end❤️❤️❤️

2) Forever Charmed – Who doesn’t love a good happy ending? After all the battles and tribulations they go through, it is all worth it☺️☺️☺️

1) The Seven Year Witch – This episode is my favourite in Charmed because Leo and Piper’s love was bigger than the elders and even amnesia☺️☺️☺️ 💘💘💘


Reasons why Piper Halliwell is my favourite Charmed one

Reasons why Piper Halliwell is my favourite Charmed one

Piper Halliwell is played by the beautiful Holly Marie Combs and here are a few reasons why she’s my favourite Charmed one!

1) Being the middle sister isn’t easy – when you’re the middle sister of three siblings it isn’t easy to always stay level headed. Piper had trouble with not feeling special due to her not being the oldest/youngest out of her sisters and therefore feeling like an outcast in the group. It’s important to know the Piper’s journey in Charmed have displayed her awesomeness and how down-to-earth she is compared to the rest of the Charmed ones.

2) Being the eldest sister isn’t easy either! – After the death of Prue, for a while Piper struggled excepting prue’s death and tried lots of ways to bring her back but to no success. However, as she learned to except her new role as the eldest sister and welcomed Paige to the gang, she became confident and a great somewhat leader of the three. Piper tried her best to keep all her sisters together in times of trouble and did anything to protect her family.
3) Fighting for love – how many times has Piper lost Leo, found him again, lost him again… Too many times! Piper and Leo’s love broke rules and set forth a path that made it possible for witches and whitelighters to get married. Even though it seemed all hope was lost and she could never get Leo back gain, she did. Her love was so strong that it was bigger than the elders, amnesia ( The Seven Year Witch) and even death!
4) Raising children and kicking demon ass – lets get this straight, as well as being one of the most powerful witches on earth and fighting demons every week, she also has to raise 2 kids! Now that’s superwoman right there! It’s hard knowing that your oldest son might be the source of all evil in the future but with the live and protection for Piper and Leo, he turns out to be strongest Witch in the world.

5) No matter how hard things get Piper always picks herself back up again – it’s hard trying to balance a normal life and be a witch at the same time, but Piper shows throughout the season that you can never just give up, but try harder to get what you want, like when she convinced the cleaners to return Wyatt to her in season 6 and the charmed ones’ epic battle at the end of season 8. But at the end of the day it all worked out 😉

Comment on who your favourite Charmed on is and why their your favourite!