Music Monday: Solange

Music Monday: Solange

Solange  released her third studio album, A Seat at the Table (2016) last month and it features songs like ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ and ‘Cranes In The Sky’. Honestly, I haven’t really listened to any songs by Solange in the past and I’d only recognise her as being Beyonce’s older sister. ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ is a mix between funk music and electronic and it definitely grew on me the more times I listened to it. This songs accurately reflects how important Black people express themselves through their hair and how we should celebrate how unique it and ignore any negative comments/ideas about our hair. The first line says ‘Don’t touch my hair, When it’s the feelings I wear’, its weird beacuse I can relate to people in the past literally coming up to me, uninvited and touching my hair like it’s some sort of magical artefact. LOL. I like how she notices that our hair is a way of self-expression whether we use weaver or go natural. I particularly like the pre-hook where she says They don’t understand, What it means to me, Where we chose to go, Where we’ve been to know’ because it truthfully talks about how sometimes Black people’s hair is said to be undesirable compared to European hair and how other people might not understand why we like to take care of hair so much. Check out this great song below:

SOLANGE – Don’t Touch My Hair

‘Cranes In The Sky’ is the lead single of her album and it was actually written in 2008. The song talks about the pains of being an African-American woman and how Solange tried to deal with these problems through drinking, sex etc. The first verse says ‘I tried to drink it away, I tried to put one in the air, I tried to dance it away, I tried to change it with my hair‘, Solange is literally trying to push those negative thoughts and feelings away from her and she feels as if the rejection she has faced, over the years, are hanging over head like cranes in sky.  I really like the music video for this song, it reflects how beautiful and delicate her voice and this song is. There are some great scenery in the music video and the harmonies when she says Away is so beautiful. Fun fact: the music video for this song was shot in nine different cities. Please listen to this song below:

SOLANGE – Cranes In The Sky

I hope you like this weeks special on Solange and please tell me whether you’d like to see more artist specials from me!

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Music Monday: 10/10/16

Music Monday: 10/10/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Cheat Codes & Dante Klein – Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)

This is one song cover that I absolutely love! Cheat Codes and Dutch DJ, Dante Klein created this EDM cover of Kevin Lyttle’s banger, ‘Turn Me On’, which was released in 2003. If you haven’t heard the original song then obviously you must have been living under a rock! I really like the original dancehall version of this song by Kevin Lyttle but I also enjoy this version which features some new lyrics. Both songs talk about how they’re going to take the girl they have their eyes on home, so please check out this great song below:

Cheat Codes & Dante Klein – Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)

2) Usher – There Goes My Baby

There Goes My Baby is an down-tempo R&B track from Usher’s sixth studio album, Raymond v. Raymond (2010). It peaked at no.25 on the Billboard Hot 10o and Usher brilliantly explains this song by saying in 2010: “The feeling of it is if you have a true connection with somebody, no matter what happens in life, it will always come back, No matter how long it takes to make it through whatever issues pull you apart, something pulls you back together. The rest is between the lines.” I love hearing Usher’s falsetto, it’s what makes this song so beautiful so, please check out this song below:

Usher – There Goes My Baby

3) Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine

English Musician, Labrinth, released this song back in 2010 and it’s the sixth track on his debut album, Electronic Earth (2012). This song brings back old memories of when I first started downloading songs onto my Sony Ericsson phone when I was 12. He talked about the inspiration for this song and said: “It was influenced by the sun coming up. I was working in my little studio in my bedroom. My brother was sleeping in the bunk bed behind me and kept waking up saying, ‘Keep it down, you’re making too much noise.’ At that time, I felt I was learning so much musically and it felt like the most perfect moment writing that track with the first rays of sun shining into the room. People listen to it and they say it sounds like a ‘eureka!’ moment and it was.” Check out this nice song below:

Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine

Enjoy this weeks songs and please tell me what songs I should feature on next weeks Music Monday!

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An interview with DC rapper, Earl

An interview with DC rapper, Earl

Earlier on this week, I got the amazing opportunity to interview of one DC’s best rappers, Earl. His music contains positive messages with no profanity to appeal to a wide range of audiences. He aims to spread the love of God to each individual on earth through his music and he believes that God has called him to become a musician for a special purpose. Here is me interviewing Earl:

Me: “Why and when did you decide to pursue a music career and spread God’s word through your music?”

Earl: “So basically, I tried to fit into many different moulds that just weren’t me and I was trying to fit into moulds of what other people thought I should be and then I started to kinda dabble into music and I felt a sense of draw into the fulfilment and this creative freedom, if you will, and I began to realise that there were actually messages that were semi unintentional in my music that God was blessing me with and in November 9th 2014 he revealed tome that this was actually my passion, purpose and call.”

Me: “Was there something, like a job, you were doing before you started making music?”

Earl: “Sure, I was actually a tattoo artist for 11 years, so everything kinda in the art industry but nothing fit me the way that music did and that’s by God’s grace. Music was what I was created to do and through him I wanna give him the glory to that.”

Me: “So is there a particular message that you want to give to people who listen to your music? When they hear your music, what sort of thoughts do you want them to have in their minds?”

Earl: “Sure, well each song has a different subject matter and a different tempo, so it will have different messages but all in all I want my music to reflect Christ first and foremost and I’m being called to break down this barrier of what is called ‘church music’ and I want people to hear a Christ like perspective of all subject matters and not be limited and put into a box of just church and christian radio or just church people to be my audience. I want to reach all people, speaking on all subject matters that would be better described as ‘life music’, so I really want to bring a message of Christ first, inspiration and hope but also talk about the subject matters that are touchy and put them into things like dance music and all kinds of different things”

Me: “That’s great, I see where you’re coming from, you’re trying to put your music into different genres and not the stereotypical christian music and christian radio show…”

Earl: “Correct”

Me: “… you want [your songs] to be in dance music, rock music, reggae music, so all people can get the chance to listen to it in different genres that they’re most interested in. So, is there any musical instruments that you like playing or anything else you have a passion for musically other than singing?

Earl: “The lyrics part of it and the basis of subject matter is where my main draw is but I’m also learning the keyboard, beat pads and drumlines as well so, I’m getting into more and more things which is exciting and fun for me.”

Me ” It nice to hear that! So, do you have any musicians that you look up to in life, aside from God of course, who inspires you to carry on doing music?”

Earl: ” Sure, yeah actually, going back to earlier years I was inspired by Phil Collins, Timex Social Club, Earth, Wind and Fire umm.. Bad Company and getting into more modern music, I love like Ellie Goulding’s music, I like that whole feel, I actually like… this is kind of odd but Carrie Underwood because she sends a message in his music as well, there are so many artists, Bruno Mars, that it’s really hard to say a specific person, I’m not trying to mimic anyone but it’s very inspiring to just absorb the art community and other artists, I think that it’s beautiful”

Me: ” Is there a musician today that you would like to collab with or write a song with?”

Earl: ” There’s several, once again Ellie Goulding, I’ve always loved her and her music. I would love to do something with Bruno Mars and Adele, man there’s so many, that would only be naming a few and obviously Phil Collins, if I ever got the chance to do that, that would be amazing because the roots of that would be really really cool.”

Me: ” Do you have a favourite genre of music that you like to listen in your down time, when you just want to chill?”

Earl: ” Umm… I don’t, just like how I write my music out of emotion and my experiences or things that maybe other people experience, with music it’s whatever the mood is. I don’t limit myself to a specific genre, but that’s what’s beautiful about music because there’s a wide range that you can tune into, with whatever I feel that day and time, that’s what I want my albums to convey, I don’t want a theme to my album, I want a theme to every song so that an audience doesn’t just listen to it and go ” It’s a down day”, I want there to be a case for everyday and that’s the same way I absorb music myself.”

Me: ” What would you like to accomplish in 5 or 10 years?”

Earl: ” Ummm.. well, God is first and foremost in all this and to him be the glory and praise, I want to glorify him and through that I just want to be honest in my music, I want to give a sense of honesty and I want to stay true to myself and I never want to minimise my God to maximise my success, so over the next 5 to 10 years of course I hope that I become successful in this and this becomes my full-time career and I’m able to reach millions of people but also I trust God’s timing and I trust that he’ll have me where I need to be and I just have to stay focused and continue to enjoy it and it’s my passion and there’s a purpose in my call behind it, I trust that it will always be there because God never changes his mind. He’s made it very clear that this is what I’m suppose to do and I’ll continue to do it and never give up.”

Me: ” That’s amazing, do you get nervous performing in public, in front of people or is it exciting?”

Earl: ” No, actually by God’s grace alone, I feel most comfortable, I feel completely comfortable with that and I know that’s not my doing and I know that it’s God’s hand and he gives me comfort, I love it.”

Me: ” Have you made any embarrassing mistakes or had technical issues on stage?”

Earl: ” No, not yet, I’m sure it will happen but you know the cool thing is that I’m so imperfect but God uses imperfect people for his perfect plan, so when something like that happens you just kinda go with it. It adds character to the moment and depth in the experience. Initially, you want everything to go perfectly, in the sense like a wedding day, but really when stuff like that happens it makes you more humble. People look at you like a regular guy and no matter how big a name becomes, people need to connect with that. I’m just a regular guy too, no greater than any person who listens to my music. I want people to connect with that. We’ll just laugh at it and carry on!”

Me: ” Have you always had a special relationship with God, have you always trusted him or was it later onto your teenage years that you looked for direction from God?”

Earl: ” Well, my mum had always gone to church. I didn’t become saved until 2000, not to say that I’m perfect now, I’m still far from perfect it’s not funny. I really was holding onto to so many things and so many fears and trying to figure out who I was, until November 9th 2014 when God revealed many things to my, amongst that my passion and purpose and call was music. I really didn’t feel alive until that day to be completely honest with people, I don’t share that in a sense of being proud of making mistakes but I share that in a sense to be humble because if I can learn from those things and help someone not go through the same experience and help them grow by my mistakes and learning from them. I don’t want people to visualise me as “Err, he’s a guy that loves God so everything’s perfect” It’s not but my God is perfect and I trust him in all things. When he revealed this to me, there’s no stopping God. Me talking to you today is not something I’ve done but it’s something that God’s aligned and I’m so thankful for that. November 9th 2014, that’s when God completely changed my life and took my fears and my burdens away. He revealed who I am and what I’m suppose to do, I now get up for a purpose. Not to say my life was terrible, I don’t want you to hear me wrong. I want to extend his kingdom and I want to reach people who might have never stepped foot in a church.”

Me: ” Last question, what’s your favourite song that you’ve written?”

Earl: “It’s actually a song that I haven’t released yet called “I will stand”, it is actually the first song that I wrote after my revelation and the reason why it’s my favourite song and it’s not even released yet is because its literally at that point in my life where I was like not only did God give me salvation and he does so many things for me but he also goes above and beyond. People need to hear that time and time again. That song is basically saying that I will stand for his grace and glory and I’ll do this for him and him alone . That song was a pivotal moment in my life, a milestone that can never be changed and I will always give him the glory through my passion and purpose in music. That song will forever mean the most to me. With this song, God brought me to life and that song has a special place in my heart.”

Me: “Thank you, Earl, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you!”

Earl: ” To God be all the glory for this opportunity. Thank you so much for allowing me to  share my music with you, I’ll never forget the moment you took time out of your day to interview me.”

Check out Earl’s latest song below:


Music Monday: 08/08/16

Music Monday: 08/08/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Twenty One Pilots – Fake You Out

Twenty One Pilots are an alternative hip hop band from Ohio, America. Fake You Out was the first song that I heard from this great band and I instantly fell in love with it. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of drummer, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. I love the deep meaning in this song and how teenagers of this generation can relate to the lyrics. The singer believes that he can’t live up to the expectations of society and even the people who think they’re closest to him, can’t help him out. Alternatively, this song could be about God and how he can’t see what God sees in him. Check out this great song below:

Twenty One Pilots – Fake You Out

2) Clean Bandit – Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass

Clean Bandit are an Electronic group from Cambridge, England who are commonly known for their song Rather Be featuring Jess Glynne. Sharna Bass provides the vocals for this song and this is the fifth single in their debut studio album, New Eyes (2014). I really like Sharna’s vocals in this song mostly beacuse she uses her original North-West London accent rather than putting on an American accent like some singers. The music video was filmed in Cuba and this song reached no.5 on the UK’s singles chart in 2014. Check out this good song below:

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass

3) Robbie Williams – Bodies

Bodies was realised in October 2009 by the British recording artist, Robbie Williams. This song also appears on his eighth studio album, Reality Killed the Video Star (2014) and it reached no.2 in the UK’s singles chart in 2009. This song describes the journey through Williams’ career and his change in his views on religion. He starts the song off by saying “God gave me the sunshine” which shows that he believes in God however by the end of the song his view changes. Check out this song below:

Robbie Williams – Bodies



Music Monday: 20/06/16

Music Monday: 20/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Shakira – She Wolf

She Wolf is a mixture of EDM, disco and synth-pop, recorded by the Colombian singer and songwriter, Shakira. This song was released on my birthday, 10th July, in 2009. Commercially, this song did well because it was in the top 10 charts in countries like Spain, Canada, Germany and the UK. I love the sensual nature of this song and furthermore, in the LGBT+ community She Wolf is considered as a gay anthem because of liberation, as people identify with themselves coming out of the closet and being free, like the lyrics “There’s a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe“. Check out this amazing song below:

Shakira – She Wolf

2) Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

Birdy released this song on New Year’s and its her third track on her third studio album, Beautiful Lies (2016). The music video of this song starts with Birdy lying down on a bed and the camera slowly enters her mind where, there are a number of demons and angels. The lyrics of this track portray a girl who will be with her partner on his quest to happiness and even through dark times. This is one of my favourite songs from Birdy and this indie pop tune is so good, so check it out below:

Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

3) The Wanted – I Found You

The British-Irish Boy band, The Wanted, released this single in November 2012 and it became the second single in their debut studio album, Word Of Mouth (2013). The music video was filmed in LA  and features the Storm model, Chloe Lloyd and centres around the fact that the narrator found her when he was about to give up. The Wanted are a great band but the band took a hiatus in 2014 to pursue their solo careers however, the band said that they will work together again in the future. Please check out this cool song below:

The Wanted – I Found You

I hope you like my song choices this week and comment which one is your favourite! 🙂


Music Monday: 30/05/16

Music Monday: 30/05/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Kygo – Raging ft. Kodaline

Kygo is a Norwegian DJ and record producer and Raging  was released in April 2016. This song is the fourth single on his recent debut album, Cloud Nine (2016), which features a number of good songs including one of his signature singles ‘Firestone’. Raging can be classed as a tropical house/deep house single because of it’s dancehall elements and balearic beats. I love the drop in this song so check out this awesome tune below:

Kygo – Raging ft. Kodaline

2) Izzy Bizu – White Tiger

Izzy Bizu is a British Soul and R&B singer. I first heard this song on an advert for NCS and I instantly loved the singer’s unique vocals and I had to find out what the song was and who was the artist. This song features on her album A Moment of Madness (2016) along with her other singles ‘Adam & Eve’, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Mad Behaviour’. Check out this cool song below:

Izzy Bizu – White Tiger

3) Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Gotye is an Australian musician that first rose to fame with his single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ in 2011 and his album, Making Mirrors, was released the same year. On the album, Eye Wide Open was the fourth track and it peaked at no.55 on the Australian singles chart. This song is alternative rock and the lyrics metaphorically say that people are walking to their death (yeah, it’s a bit dark). Check out this song below:

Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Music Monday: 16/05/16

Music Monday: 16/05/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Beyoncé- Mine ft. Drake

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Beyoncé (2013) was overall a great album and one of my favourite songs from that album is Mine featuring one of the worlds best rappers, Drake. Beyoncé talks about motherhood, relationships and marriage but also reassures her lover that he is forever her’s no matter what the tabloids and newspapers say about their relationship. Drake’s verse is centred around the fact that her still has feelings for this girl so he’s “running back” to her because there’s no one that can compare to her. Check out this song:

Beyoncé – Mine ft. Drake

2) David Guetta – Lovers on the Sun


Lovers on the Sun is a country rock/house track in David Guetta’s sixth studio album, Listen (2014) featuring the vocals of the American singer Sam Martin. This song was inspired by western films and features similar progressive chord patterns as Daft Punk’s song, ‘Get Luck’. Lovers of the sun reached no.1 in the UK Singles chart in 2014 but reached no.3 in the US Dance Club songs. I really like the great vocals in this song and the awesome mix between country and EDM. Check out this song in the link below:

David Guetta – Lovers On The Sun

3) Tinie Tempah- Till I’m Gone ft. Wiz Khalifah


Till I’m gone is a hip-hop track by the British Rapper, Tinie Tempah, released in May 2011. This song is the second single released in the United States by Tinie Tempah after Written In The Stars. The American rapper Wiz Khalifa features in this track and the whole song is about a guy that leaves his girlfriend to become a rapper, which is his life long dream, but he tells her that he will return to her one day. Check out this song in the link below:

Tinie Tempah – Till I’m Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa

Tell me if you like the songs I’ve chosen for this week and comment songs that you’d like me to put in next weeks music Monday!