Music Monday: 07/11/16

Music Monday: 07/11/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Sigma – Find Me ft. Birdy

Sigmas has released the music video for their latest single, Find Me, on Thursday which features Millie Bobby Brown from the show ‘Stranger Things’. This song features the English singer-songwriter, Birdy, who I must admit I’m quite a fan of. I love her voice in this song, it soo emotional and I like that the music video reflects the song perfectly in my opinion. Check out this great song below:

Sigma – Find Me ft. Birdy

2) Vybz Kartel – Fever

Fever has to be one of my favourite Dancehall songs ever! Vybz Kartel released this song in May and it was one of my favourite summer jams. If you don’t already know, dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music. I’ve always loved dancehall music because it’s so energetic and lively, so please listen to this song below:

Vybz Kartel – Fever

3) Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True

Even though Milli Vanilli didn’t actual sing their own songs, I really like this tune. This duo used back up singers to sing their songs and they were ultimately stripped of a Grammy Award when the media found out. This song reached no. 1 on the German Official charts, so check out this song below:

Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True

Music Monday: 20/06/16

Music Monday: 20/06/16

This weeks songs are:

1) Shakira – She Wolf

She Wolf is a mixture of EDM, disco and synth-pop, recorded by the Colombian singer and songwriter, Shakira. This song was released on my birthday, 10th July, in 2009. Commercially, this song did well because it was in the top 10 charts in countries like Spain, Canada, Germany and the UK. I love the sensual nature of this song and furthermore, in the LGBT+ community She Wolf is considered as a gay anthem because of liberation, as people identify with themselves coming out of the closet and being free, like the lyrics “There’s a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe“. Check out this amazing song below:

Shakira – She Wolf

2) Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

Birdy released this song on New Year’s and its her third track on her third studio album, Beautiful Lies (2016). The music video of this song starts with Birdy lying down on a bed and the camera slowly enters her mind where, there are a number of demons and angels. The lyrics of this track portray a girl who will be with her partner on his quest to happiness and even through dark times. This is one of my favourite songs from Birdy and this indie pop tune is so good, so check it out below:

Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

3) The Wanted – I Found You

The British-Irish Boy band, The Wanted, released this single in November 2012 and it became the second single in their debut studio album, Word Of Mouth (2013). The music video was filmed in LA  and features the Storm model, Chloe Lloyd and centres around the fact that the narrator found her when he was about to give up. The Wanted are a great band but the band took a hiatus in 2014 to pursue their solo careers however, the band said that they will work together again in the future. Please check out this cool song below:

The Wanted – I Found You

I hope you like my song choices this week and comment which one is your favourite! 🙂