The Critical Investigation

The Critical Investigation

This week has mainly consisted of starting the A2 course in school and looking over the topics we’re going to cover in year 13. I must say that some subjects have less interesting topics next year *cough*geography*cough*, but overall I’m quite exited to start the new course.

In psychology, we are going to cover aggression, relationships, biological rhythms etc. in A2 which sounds really interesting, mostly beacuse these are things that affect our everyday lives and you can notice these behaviours around you. Right now we are doing biological rhythms which is mostly about sleep, why we sleep and other biological rhythms like hibernation and the menstrual cycle. I know it sounds a bit boring, but trust me, it is really engaging. I’ve always found psychology so interesting but maybe it’s beacuse I’ve always been keen to know why people do certain things in their lives. I guess beacuse i’m so keen to know these things, it’s probably why I want to do psychology in university.

Even though the psychology A2 course will be really interesting there’s another subject that I’m doing that is really getting me excited for year 13 and that subject is media studies. In the course we have to do a critical investigation which is where we have to write a 2000 word essay on a topic/issue in the media that we’d like to do. This leads to something called the linked production where we have to create a documentary, magazine, film opening or trailer on the topic we chose for our critical investigation. For instance, if you chose to do your critical investigation on the representation of women in the media, you could do a music video or the opening sequence to a documentary on the subject of the representation of women in the media. The reason why this really excites me is beacuse I get to choose a topic that I am passionate about and I can easily convey a message to other people. Some people have been actually thinking about doing the representation of women in the media while others in my class have no clue what topic they’re going to do but, I’ve been thinking about doing my critical investigation about race and discrimination in the media and for the linked production I was thinking of maybe doing the beginning of a documentary on the representation of race in the media. I haven’t made my mind up completely on what topic I will do but I still have some time to develop my ideas before we start planning the production. I’m just really excited to see what the outcome and the production will be like and when I’ve done the production, of course i’ll share it with you guys!

I hope you have had a great week and please comment on what you’ve been up to this week! 🙂


Back to school blues

Back to school blues

This week, I began the last term of school on Tuesday with a ton of work to do and study leave is only a couple of weeks away. I started the day on a high note, due to the fact that I did a lot of revision over the Easter break and I was pretty prepared for the 3 mock exams I had this week, so all was good. 

I had media studies period 1 and 2, which I happy with because I finished by print production and evaluation over Easter, so all I had to do was make some improvements in my work. We recieved feedback on our moving image production and print production, so I went on to make various improvements so I can get a better grade. By the end of the lesson, I’d finished nearly all of all things that I needed to improve on and as I clicked save… the computer crashed. That’s right, all the improvements I’d made was all gone! And to make it worse, on Wednesday I tried to open the file, but guess what… The file wouldn’t open, because the file is corrupted! So now I have to recreate my double spread article for media😡 why does this have to happen to me? 

I had one of my biology mock exams on Wednesday that went horribly because half the things I thought was going to come up in the mock didn’t.There was way to much maths and data analysis than actually biology in my opinion. After school, I had a 2 hour geography which didn’t go as bad as I predicted which kind of ended my day in a high note.

Today, I stayed after school for about 2 hours to redo my media article which I’ve luckily completed. Woohoooo! That means my media coursework can be handed in on time!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week and good luck if you have any exams. Comment on what you’ve been up to this week!