My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

As you guys know, I’ve been reading the Harry Potter Books and there are some magical transportation that I would love to take on a joy ride. If, in real life, you’d like to hire a car, why don’t you check out the car rental company Turo!

5) Hogwarts Expresshogwartsexpress

All Harry Potter fans wished they had received their acceptance letter from Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express transported Harry to one of the only places he called home, Hogwarts, and even though there might not be there much magical about a train, I would really like to experience the ride to Hogwarts.

4) Thestralsa43ef568-1708-4ed2-8500-444d2441f0ec

Even though I know I won’t be able to see Thestrals, they strike me as very interesting creatures. Being only seen by people who’ve seen death, I’d love to fly up to places on these invisible but amazing creature.

3) Broomsticks


Everyone knows that Harry Potter’s favourite mode of transport is riding a broomstick. Flying came quite natural to Harry however, I believe that broomsticks might not be might my favourite magical transport due to my fear of heights and I’d imagine it can be quite uncomfortable on your backside. However, the thought of riding on a broomstick and playing Quidditch excites me!

2) The Knight Bus


The Knight Bus sounds like the most fun magical transportation in this list, the ride may not be as smooth, however I love the fact that you can ride the Knight bus in muggle streets without muggles having an clue that a triple-decker bus is travelling over 100mph!

1) Flying Ford Anglia


Literally being just a flying car, I can visualise myself using the flying Ford Anglia to travel to any destination, school, work etc. Not only can you avoid traffic but with the invisibility button (working), no one would be able to see you. I think I would experience the smoothest ride on the flying Ford Anglia and I can say goodbye to waiting for trains and Bus’s!

I hope you guys like my list, please tell me what other modes of transport from pop culture you’d like to ride and don’t forget to check out the car rental page by Turo.

Omone 😀

Our Harry Potter Marathon 

Our Harry Potter Marathon 

This week has actually been really good, mostly because I’ve been rewatching all the Harry Potter films with my younger cousins. This was their first time watching Harry Potter and it was great knowing that they love it as much as I do! We are watching the fifth movie: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix right now  so I hope they don’t cry too much when Sirius dies😢 I love Harry Potter so much and it was a great experience when I went to the Harry Potter studios and got a tour for FREE because I was doing work experience there. This year, I’m doing voluntary work at a local primary school.

I am nearly finished with my personal statement and UCAS application which is due for mid November so, I still have some time to finish that off. I’ve completed a lot of my courswork for media studies and I’ve confirmed what I’m going to be doing for my practical production which is an opening sequence of a documentary about how the representation of ethnic minorities in the media has affected young people. I’m going to get my friends to be in it and ask my Aunty if she would allow me to interview her about the worries she has on how the media are representing black people and how this might affect her young daughters growing up. I am quite excited to start filming, I have 10 weeks to plan and shoot the production and then 9 weeks to edit it. I promise, when I’ve finished making the documentary opening, I’ll share it with you guys😁

I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye West and Solange this week and I’m in love with Solange’s new songs ‘Don’t touch my hair’ and ‘Cranes in the sky’ which I might feature on Music Monday this week. I hope you guys have been having a good and productive week. Please comment what you’ve been up to and I’ll see you guys on Monday!

Omone 😀