Even though coming back to school for 5 weeks wasn’t the best thing that happened to me this week, it has been a pretty Exciting. In my last 2 lessons on Monday we started the UCAS process, which is where you send applications to university, and began to browse through universities that we wanted to go to. We were also given booklets about what type of university we want to go to which has to be completed by July 15th.

On Tuesday, my year went to a trip to a university convention in Bedfordshire University, which took us way too long to get there than I expected. Unsurprisingly, we were the only school who had to wear our sixth form uniforms while other schools came in their ordinary clothes because as our head teacher says “you are representing our school” *sigh*.There were talks on different subjects you could take at university and there was a fair where different universities had stands with their representatives. I got the chance to watch 3 talks by university professors which were criminology, psychology and forensic science, which were all interesting. I’ve made up the decision that I will defiantly be doing psychology at university beacuse I enjoyed the psychology talk with the professor and I genuinly liked the topics in the course. I was also lucky enough to pick up a few prospectuses from universities I might apply to e.g. Sussex, Surrey, Warwick, Queen Mary etc. These Universities have high entry requirements like all A’s or 2 A’s and a B grade but due to their popularity and great facilities, I can see why.

In the next few days, I made an effort to research universities and to note down opening days for universities I’m interested in. I used useful websites like UCAS, uni stats and university league tables to narrow down my search due to few factors like student satisfaction, entry requirements, distance and accommodation. My friend told me today how important it was to visit universities before you totally decide which one’s you’re going to apply for beacuse different universities give off different vibes. I have had my eye on these 6 universities in particular: Surrey, Nottingham, Loughborough, Leeds, Exeter and Southampton but ultimately I need to choose 5 to apply to. I’m excited but nervous at the same time because this time next year I would have left sixth form and picked which university I wanted to go to. Time really does go quickly…

Please tell me what you’ve been up to this week and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Omone 🙂