My New Radio Show!

My New Radio Show!


Great news! My new show, called ‘My World of Entertainment’, will be airing on Monday 16th October, 4-6pm, on Brainy Radio. My show will cover all aspects of entertainment e.g. music, films, TV shows, k-pop, anime etc. On the 16th October I will be talking about the film I’m most excited to watch (Black Panther) and why and how artists like J Hus are creating their own genre of music by combining American rap, grime, afrobeats and dancehall. My show is primarily aimed at young people (16-25) but anyone can tune in. I will also be discussing issues that affect young people including depression, bullying, peer pressure etc. I’m also looking for guests so if you’re a singer, rapper, actor or a creative email me: so I can interview you on the show. The studio is based in Manchester so even if you can’t come to the studio in Manchester we can always talk over the phone on air. I can’t wait for you guys to listen to my first show and they may even be a special guest that I’ll be interviewing;) below are links to access Brainy Radio online:

Make sure you tune in to my show on Monday 16th October at 4pm on Brainy Radio! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page: Facebook and follow my account on twitter: Twitter

Omone 🙂

New Opportunities 

New Opportunities 

I’ve been genuinely so busy this week with homework, revision, blah blah blah… but I’ve got some pretty exciting news. On Tuesday I went to my first proper audition in London, I was audition for the main characters sister and I think it went really well! The audition was for a web series about how two people meet and how it’s more than just a coincidence. I haven’t heard anything back from them but I’m sure they’ll contacted me soon. Also, I might be narrating a short animated film which is soo exciting. I’ve still been going to the theatre every Tuesday after school and the acting coach/assistant is pushing us so hard during our sessions. I’ve had so many new opportunities open up for me this month and I’m so greatful. 

School has been taking up most of my time because I have my exams in 3 months. I’ve had a lot of revision to do and not much time to blog. I’ve had to make presentations lately for media studies on our case studies for our exams which is tireing and we have more research to conduct. I have another psychology mock in two weeks and I’m going for an A grade again like I got in my mock. I’ve already started revision and I think this paper will be easier than the mock paper. The weather has been great this week however the sunny weather has started to remind me of exams this summer😂 I’ve finally got an offer from Loughborough university meaning that I’ve got all 5 university offers!!🎉

Also, I’ve been watching Naruto and now I’m on episode 157. It’s soo good and I decided to start watching this anime because anyone who is a fan of anime has watched Naruto. It’s just as good as Hunter X Hunter if not better. I can’t wait to finish the whole anime even though I know this isn’t the best time to start an anime. What’s worse is that I haven’t finished watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX but I’ll finish that after I’ve watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. 

I hope you guys have been having a great week and I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Omone 😀 

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve been nominated for the Blogger’s Recognition award by an awesome blogger, Rambling Kori, please check out her great blog! This isn’t my first time being nominated for this award so here goes:

The rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Give a brief story on how your blog started:

I used to own an Instagram account dedicated to the TV show Charmed because I loved the show so much. I decided to create a blog about Charmed but then one day I decided I wanted to do more with my blog. I decided I was going to start writing about my personal life, music and films. I wrote my first post on school and came up with the idea of music Monday.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers:

1. Don’t pressure yourself to blog all the time and a lot in a short space of time. Blogging should be something you enjoy and it’s OK to take a break now and then

2. Be passionate about what you’re blogging about and do what makes you happy.

Here are the 15 Great bloggers I nominate:

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You don’t have to partake in this award but I just want to thank Rambling Kori again for nomination!

Omone 😀

Yay, Half Term!

Yay, Half Term!

Finally, I have a bit of a break from school! Although, I have lots of homework to do, a presentation to complete and I need to start preparation for the real exam. I’ve completed my biology homework which took some time and I’ve still got to complete my presentation on Scottish identity for media studies. I don’t really know why I picked Scottish identity because for one of our case studies in media studies we have to explore the identity of a group of people or a place. I’m the only one in my class doing a place but I’ve always found Scotland quite interesting. I’ve got mocks coming up in Easter for all my subjects which is fun🙄 but these exams are really good practice for the real exams in June so their not pointless or unbeneficial. 

I finished Harry and Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday and it feels so strange not having anything to read. The books were soo good, if you haven’t read the book, I really advice that you do even if you’ve seen the films. I’m think of rereading all the books or maybe the 3rd, 4th and 6th book because those are my favourites. I probably wont reread then anytime soon because I’m concentrating on studying. 

This week has gone pretty slowly in my opinion, but like I said, I’m glad it’s half term and I can have a bit of a rest. Even my head of sixth form said we should have a break because when we come back, there’s going to be a lot of work and revision to do. We have about 13 weeks (excluding holidays) of school before our exams!

I hope you guys have been having a good week and please tell me what you’ve been up to☺️

Omone 😀

My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

As you guys know, I’ve been reading the Harry Potter Books and there are some magical transportation that I would love to take on a joy ride. If, in real life, you’d like to hire a car, why don’t you check out the car rental company Turo!

5) Hogwarts Expresshogwartsexpress

All Harry Potter fans wished they had received their acceptance letter from Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express transported Harry to one of the only places he called home, Hogwarts, and even though there might not be there much magical about a train, I would really like to experience the ride to Hogwarts.

4) Thestralsa43ef568-1708-4ed2-8500-444d2441f0ec

Even though I know I won’t be able to see Thestrals, they strike me as very interesting creatures. Being only seen by people who’ve seen death, I’d love to fly up to places on these invisible but amazing creature.

3) Broomsticks


Everyone knows that Harry Potter’s favourite mode of transport is riding a broomstick. Flying came quite natural to Harry however, I believe that broomsticks might not be might my favourite magical transport due to my fear of heights and I’d imagine it can be quite uncomfortable on your backside. However, the thought of riding on a broomstick and playing Quidditch excites me!

2) The Knight Bus


The Knight Bus sounds like the most fun magical transportation in this list, the ride may not be as smooth, however I love the fact that you can ride the Knight bus in muggle streets without muggles having an clue that a triple-decker bus is travelling over 100mph!

1) Flying Ford Anglia


Literally being just a flying car, I can visualise myself using the flying Ford Anglia to travel to any destination, school, work etc. Not only can you avoid traffic but with the invisibility button (working), no one would be able to see you. I think I would experience the smoothest ride on the flying Ford Anglia and I can say goodbye to waiting for trains and Bus’s!

I hope you guys like my list, please tell me what other modes of transport from pop culture you’d like to ride and don’t forget to check out the car rental page by Turo.

Omone 😀

My Media Coursework 

My Media Coursework 

Today was the last day I had to finish and render my opening sequence of my documentary for media. I’ve told you guys before that for media studies I’m making an opening sequence to a documentary about how the representation of ethnic minorities in the media affect young people. I’ve finished editing it and I have finally handed it to my teacher and I’m quite glad to say that I’m quite proud of it. I know I said I would show you guys but it’s on one of the school network folders and hopefully I’ll upload it to my blog next week. I’d really like to have you guys opinion on it so, expect an opening sequence to a document on my blog next week!

I’ve had such a good week, I’m nearly haflway through reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I’m enjoying it very much so far. I was quite a bit annoyed at Harry at the beginning of the book because of the way he treated his friends but I still love Harry☺️ if you were wondering, my favourite character is Hermione because she is hardworking, sometimes insensitive but she has everyone’s best interest at heart. Also, she is very loyal to Harry, who’s your favourite character is the books? I’ve been talking about Harry Potter a lot lately but I love the movies and this is the first time I’m reading the books and I knew I was going to love it!

I’ve got my audition tomorrow!… and I feel pretty relaxed. I haven’t been to this theatre before in London and I hardly know my way around London however, I know the route and in all honesty I’m quite excited. I haven’t been to a proper audition before and this will be a great experience. I know I sound confident now but I know when I get there I will be so nervous but I know that I will be fine haha😂 If you have any advice for me PLEASE TELL ME because it would be great!😂

I hope you guys have been having a great week and please tell me what you’ve been up to!

Omone 😀

New Years + Mock Exams

New Years + Mock Exams

Welcome, lovely people, to 2017! 2016 has been a crazy year and I hope you have had a good year too. I spent the holidays with my mum and brother and other family members in Manchester. I had a great time, my mum made so much food on Christmas and It was so nice to see them again after 3 months. I spent New Years at church, where we waited like an hour to get the bus and to be honest we were on the verge of going home. I really enjoyed the church service but I was really upset that I had to leave in 2 days. I had a marvelouse time and I can’t wait to see them soon again. 

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy! I’ve had to revise for my mock exams through the holidays and they start next Tuesday. I’ve been doing LOTS of revision each day and most of it was spent doing biology revision because I have a lot of topics to get through for my exam. I’ve also read 2 Harry Potter books while I was with my family which was great. One of my friends in my tutor group today said that she found the exam hard (she did in yesterday) and she is a very smart girl, so I really do hope I do well in the exam on Tuesday. 

My audition for a drama theatre in London is in 2 weeks and think I am prepared. By prepared I mean that I’m hoping for the best! I haven’t had much time to practice but I’m still going to go for the experience and just to have fun as well. I hope you guys have had a great start to 2017 and I’ll see you guys next week.

Omone 😀

Future Plans 

Future Plans 

Since I was 13 I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist but it was only until I started doing psychology last year that I decided that I’m particularly interested in forensic psychology. I’ve always thought of myself as having 2 parts: a creative side and a more studious side. I like having a balance of both in my life and hopefully in my future career, that’s why I want to get into other projects even though I’m still focused on becoming a psychologist. I particularly like anything to do media e.g. Filming and I also like graphic design. I would have taken graphics as one of A-levels however graphic design in sixth form is art based. I’m still not sure if I should take a creative route in my life and I’ve always believed that people only think of me as being someone who isn’t very creative.

I love media studies, it’s been my favourite subject since year 9 and it’s the only subject I think I’ve been consistently good at. My teacher watched my opening sequence for my documentary and she was blown away with it which, makes me so happy especially when the deadline is in under 2 weeks. I’ve also been thinking about doing a bit of theatre as well, just for fun.

You may remember from my blog post: The Missing Cord! that I left my iPhone cord at school and I couldn’t find it the next day so I had to buy a new one. Guess what happened yesterday! Yep, I left my phone cord at school! HOWEVER, I walked back to school and luckily I found it plugged in the computer I was using. Thank God!

I hope you have been having a great week and please tell me what you’ve been up to this week! 

Omone 😀