Stranger (2017)

I recently decided to take a break from my usual romantic-comedy K-dramas and turn to the darker side. Now, I love crime dramas but, I find that some shows don’t convey the right balance of suspense, goriness etc. However, Stranger (at least season 1) has checked all the boxes for me so far! It follows a young female detective and a prosecutor, who’s lost the ability to feel empathy, try and solve a murder case. Each episode brings in something new about each character and it keeps me (the audience) on the edge of my seat. I am on episode 8 at the minute and I can very much compare this series to Sherlock (which I also love). There seems to be a common theme in crime-dramas of having an emotionless main character, which allows him to unlock ‘superpowers’ that wouldn’t have been possible if he had emotions. Either way, this show has been very good so far, here is the trailer if you would like to check it out:

What have you been watching lately? Any recommendations for my next post? 🙂

My Love from a Star…Yes, I did watch this drama

…and it was great.

I’m seriously thinking of changing my blog to being solely about Kdramas that I’ve watched recently. I’m kidding but, it wouldn’t be the worst thing considering how good they are. ‘My Love from a Star’ was one of the shows I started watching only because I heard of the popularity and thought I would stop after a episodes. Well, that didn’t happen. The drama is about an Alien that falls in love with a famous Actress months before he is suppose to leave Earth. Regardless of the pretty cheesy title, I thought the show was quite interesting. What particularly stood out was the high expectations of female celebrities in Korea.

Fun fact: MLFAS was the first Kdrama I ever watched.

I think what I like most about MLFAS is that its one of the few shows that I can watch again and again, laugh, cry and go through the same emotions without getting bored. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece in any way, I do have issues with the writing now and then but, I would recommend. Jun Ji-Hyun’s acting was really good and the OST is also really catchy! Check out a trailer below 🙂 :

How are you?

It’s been such a long time since I have posted on this blog! What excuse do I have you must be thinking? My answer – LIFE.

Trying to balance work work and school work has been tough, never mind the COVID breakout that’s had the world in a stand still. My most recent activities have been diving into the world of K-drama’s. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to start watching them as, I hear that they can be pretty addictive however……they are sooo goood. It really took me by surprise. I am watching a K-drama called ‘Crash Landing On You’, about a South Korean heiress accidentally crash landing in North Korean. Here is a link to the trailer:

What I wonder is: How have you been lately? Has COVID-19 affected you a lot or not so much? I would love to know.

Christmas films, The Incredibles 2, New Years Parties etc.

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Murder on Orient Express, Beyoncè’s new role in the Lion King etc.

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Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger Things Season 2 and more!

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