Exciting News!

Exciting News!

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been working with the producers of Brainy Radio as I’m going going to be presenting a new radio show soon!ūüéČ Brainy Radio is an online radio station that can accessed anywhere around the world. My radio programme is going to be called ‘My world of entertainment (with Omone)’ or something like that lol and I’m going to be talking about music, films, tv programmes and things that affect young people. I’m aiming to interview (in real life or through the phone) young aspiring actors, musicians, creatives etc. on my show so if you are one, don’t be afraid to contact me and we can discuss a time best for you to be on my show. My programme is most likely going to air at the end of September/beginning of October but I’ll keep you guys updated. Don’t forget to check of Brainy Radio station by clicking on the link below.
I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend,

Omone ūüôā


My Long Break

My Long Break

Hey Guys!!

So its been around 4 months since I wrote my last blog post and I know that its a really long time. I was fully concentrating on my A-level exams and making sure I did as much revision as possible before my exams. The period between Easter break and my exams was one of the most stressful periods of my life…but now its ooovvveeeerrrrr! If I’m being honest about how my exams went then I’d say they went OK. I had two exams on the first day of exam period which didn’t make me feel any better but I believed that I did the best I could do in all my exams. My media studies exam was good, the questions were very much like the ones we did in the past so it wasn’t too bad. Psychology as well wasn’t too mad but on my final psychology exam there were 3 16 marker questions when I thought there was only going to be two (thank you OCR!) but, luckily I still had enough time to answer all 16 markers. My biology exam was ummm….. interesting, I knew it was going to be hard due to the fact that there was soo much content to learn.

After my exams, I was soo happy that it was summer. This summer has been one of the best summers ever. Its funny because I felt guilty for not revising even though my exams are over hahaha. I spent most of my time listening to music, watching new films, seeing friends etc. I’m currently living with my mum and brother in Manchester which has been great. My mum went to Nigeria for 2 weeks and came back with awesome Nigerian snacks e.g. Gala (a sausage roll), suya (spiced meat) etc. All the fun I was having was building up to the dreaded results day. Usually on UCAS you can see if you’ve confirmed your place at a university by midnight however this year you could only  see if you got a confirmed place at 8:00am (ish). I wanted to check UCAS before I looked at my result and when I did check I got an offer from my top choice of university! However, they wanted me to do a foundation year first before I did the course I wanted to. A foundation year is a year in university that prepares you for the course you want to study usually because your grades aren’t high enough. This was my first clue that my grades weren’t as good as I hoped for. I went into school and looked at my results and saw that I got a B – Media studies, B – Psychology and D – Biology. Turns out I was one mark from an A in media!! Oh well, whats done is done. I decided to reject the foundation course place at university and I got a place at the University of Aberdeen! I think that I’m going to take a deferral year (a gap year) so I can work and do other projects that I want to do in my life.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of old films like The Blue Lagoon (1980) and Endless Love (1981) and I’ve enjoyed both films even though they may not be a cinemtaic masterpiece. These films star Brooke Shields who was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world. It was interesting to read about all the controversy around her film roles like in Pretty Baby where she had to be nude at just the age on 10!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend and I’ll try to post every week,

Omone ūüôā

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve been nominated for the Blogger’s Recognition award by an awesome blogger, Rambling Kori, please check out her great blog! This isn’t my first time being nominated for this award so here goes:

The rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Give a brief story on how your blog started:

I used to own an Instagram account dedicated to the TV show Charmed because I loved the show so much. I decided to create a blog about Charmed but then one day I decided I wanted to do more with my blog. I decided I was going to start writing about my personal life, music and films. I wrote my first post on school and came up with the idea of music Monday.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers:

1. Don’t pressure yourself to blog all the time and a lot in a short space of time. Blogging should be something you enjoy and it’s OK to take a break now and then

2. Be passionate about what you’re blogging about and do what makes you happy.

Here are the 15 Great bloggers I nominate:

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15. Coolbeans4

You don’t have to partake in this award but I just want to thank Rambling Kori again for nomination!

Omone ūüėÄ

My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

My Top 5 Magical Transportations From Harry Potter

As you guys know, I’ve been reading the Harry Potter Books and there are some magical transportation that I would love to take on a joy ride. If, in real life, you’d like to hire a car, why don’t you check out the car rental company Turo!

5) Hogwarts Expresshogwartsexpress

All Harry Potter fans wished they had received their acceptance letter from Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express transported Harry to one of the only places he called home, Hogwarts, and even though there might not be there much magical about a train, I would really like to experience the ride to Hogwarts.

4) Thestralsa43ef568-1708-4ed2-8500-444d2441f0ec

Even though I know I won’t be able to see Thestrals, they strike me as very interesting creatures. Being only seen by people who’ve seen death, I’d love to fly up to places on these invisible but amazing creature.

3) Broomsticks


Everyone knows that Harry Potter’s favourite mode of transport is riding a broomstick. Flying came quite natural to Harry however, I believe that broomsticks might not be might my favourite magical transport due to my fear of heights and I’d imagine it can be quite uncomfortable on your backside. However, the thought of riding on a broomstick and playing Quidditch excites me!

2) The Knight Bus


The Knight Bus sounds like the most fun magical transportation in this list, the ride may not be as smooth, however I love the fact that you can ride the Knight bus in muggle streets without muggles having an clue that a triple-decker bus is travelling over 100mph!

1) Flying Ford Anglia


Literally being just a flying car, I can visualise myself using the flying Ford Anglia to travel to any destination, school, work etc. Not only can you avoid traffic but with the invisibility button (working), no one would be able to see you. I think I would experience the smoothest ride on the flying Ford Anglia and I can say goodbye to waiting for trains and Bus’s!

I hope you guys like my list, please tell me what other modes of transport from pop culture you’d like to ride and don’t forget to check out the car rental page by Turo.

Omone ūüėÄ

My Ultimate Gig Wish List 2016

My Ultimate Gig Wish List 2016

Going to gigs are one of the most invigorating and exciting experiences in the world, so many good artists are doing gigs right now and here are a list of artists and bands that I would love to see live!

1) Drake

Drake is undeniably one of my favourite rappers in the world due to his versatility when he’s singing or rapping. He’s announced his new tour called¬†Boy Meets World¬†and he begins performing in the UK in January 2017.¬†¬†His latest album,¬†Views¬†(2016), includes great tunes for example¬†Hotline Bling, Controlla¬†and¬†One Dance.¬†Views¬†received 245 million streams which took over the previous record of Beyonce’s¬†Lemonade¬†(2016). His first show in the UK is in Glasgow and you can find tickets and tour dates¬†here.


2) Ariana Grande

Ariana released one of my favourite songs this year, Side To Side, featuring Nicki Minaj. I love the Caribbean influence of this song and I would love to hear Ariana and Nicki perform this live. I have been quite impressed with her latest singles, not only are they catchy but they display her beautiful vocals. The Dangerous Woman Tour is going to be her biggest European tour which starts in May 2017 in Stockholm, you can access tour dates and tickets here.


3) Craig David

7 Days¬†by Craig David is¬†one the most famous songs from the early 2000s and I have loved his comeback including his single¬†Ain’t Giving Up,¬†with¬†British DJ Sigala,¬†which is a great tune. Craig released his latest album,¬†Following My Intuition¬†(2016), last month. His album reached no.1 on the UK albums chart and this is his first no.1 album since he released¬†Born to Do it¬†in 2000.¬†One of my closest friends went to his gig in the O2 and she said that it was amazing. It would be great to see this urban soul singer live, you can access tickets and tour dates here.


4) Coldplay

Coldplay are one of my favourite rock bands ever, I could list a number of songs I love by them which is why I would love to go to one of their gigs. Coldplay are known to have one of the best live shows with an amazing atmosphere of music and dancing. I’ve wanted to go to a Coldplay gig for quite a while but right¬†now their doing their international tour in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Germany. If you’d like some more information on Coldplay’s tour dates click here.


5) UB40

The reason I put UB40 on this list is because they are an amazing British Reggae band that I’ve loved for a long time. Unfortunately, there aren’t many British Reggae singers/bands that have been brought to people’s attention and UB40 are one of the most successful reggae bands worldwide, selling over 70 million records. Some of my favourite songs by them include¬†Red Red Wine, Can’t Help Falling In Love¬†and¬†I Got You Babe.¬†They are having¬†gigs in Reading, Blackburn and other cities, for more information click here.


6) Sigala

Sigala is one of my favourite house DJs and some of my favourite songs include Easy Love and Give Me Your Love, featuring John Newman. The atmosphere of being in a house/dance music gig would be electrifying which is one of the reasons why I want to see Sigala live. Sigala has gigs beginning in February and you can find more details here.


7) Maxwell and Mary J. Blige

I personally believe that Maxwell has the most beautiful and soulful voice on earth. The first time I heard Maxwell’s version of¬†This Woman’s Work,¬†originally by Kate Bush, on MTV unplugged, I really wanted to be one of the audience members hearing his delicate voice. Mary J. Blige is one of my old favourites and some of my favourite songs by her include¬†Real Love, Family Affair¬†and¬†Don’t¬†Mind.¬†Maxwell and Mary J. Blige are going on a UK tour which¬†begins at the O2. For more details on tour dates and tickets click here


8) Tom Odell

I would love to be up close in a small¬†crowd, watching Tom Odell play the piano whilst singing one of my favourite songs by him,¬†Another Love. I can imagine his gigs being more intimate than putting emphasis on stage lights and amazing graphics. If you’d like to see him live click here to buy your ticket.


I would like to give a shoutout to GetToTheFront.com, please check out this website to access tour dates and get tickets to see your favourite artists and celebrities live!

Omone ūüėÄ

My first week of year 13

My first week of year 13

My first week of year 13 (more like 2 days) went OK. I actually missed the first day of year 13, which was Tuesday, because I was still in Manchester and I wouldn’t be back until Wednesday. We got the day off on Wednesday so we could complete our personal statements and our UCAS applications which I still haven’t finished. The first draft of my personal statement is now due in on Monday because my awesome form tutor gave us the weekend to complete it. I am currently applying to do psychology at university and I’ve been using¬†The Next Chemist’s¬†post about tips on writing your personal statement to help me with mine, so check it out if you’re currently doing your personal statement!¬† Continue reading “My first week of year 13”